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Four Packaged Potable Water Treatment Systems

Customer: Clough Curtain Joint Venture

Completion Date: 1/02/2012

Location: Papua New Guinea

Specifications & Features:

Water Use: Potable water to be used for drinking, cooking and washing requirements throughout various LNG construction camp sites in the Papua New Guinea Highlands.

Water Quality Requirements: Water produced conforms with Australian NHRMC Guidelines for potable water.

Daily Treated Water Production: Four containerised plants each producing 44.0 KL / day

Key Features: Robust construction for the arduous Papua New Guinea conditions. Off the shelf components to facilitate servicing and spare part replacements. Minimum operator requirements by utilising PLC control with built-in HMI and Data Logging.


Plant Description: Four 44.0 KL / day 'plug and play' containerised high purity water treatment plants utilising the latest reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF) water treatment technologies.

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