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Kingscliff Holiday Park Caprari-CPC Pump Station

Customer: Hardings Earthmoving (o/b/o Tweed Coast Holiday Parks)

Location: Kingscliff, NSW

Specifications & Features:

Harding's EarthmovingHarding's Earthmoving submitted a successful tender to Tweed Shire Council for the decommissioning and redevelopment of the Kingscliff North Holiday Park, which included the installation of a new Sewage Pump Station (on behalf of Tweed Coast Holiday Parks).

This standalone Sewage Pump Station was to completely replace the Holiday Park's aging and outdated sewage system.

Harding's Earthmoving subsequently engaged Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment [Brisbane branch] to design, supply, install and commission a specialised Precast Concrete Sewage Pump Station for use in the Holiday Park's redevelopment. Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment have partnered with Caprari-CPC to become the sole QLD and Northern NSW distributor and specialised servicing agent for the new patented Caprari-CPC concrete packaged pump stations.

Tweed Shire Council

Crucial tender selection criteria stipulated by Tweed Shire Council was for the new complete Sewage Pump Station to be successfully operating for at least 50 years and the concrete chamber to provide a minimum working life of 100 years.

The patented Caprari-CPC Pump Stations are cast using a special S50 cement with a minimum concrete strength of 50MPa and utilises an Angaston Marble calcareous aggregate; offering the highest possible resistance to sulphate attack endemic in Australian sewers. Caprari-CPC Pump Stations are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, including poor soil conditions and high water tables (engineered to 15m depth). Caprari-CPC Pump Station chambers feature steel reinforcing with an internal concrete cover of 65mm to provide additional protection; this unique feature extends their design life to over 100 years - perfectly suiting Tweed Shire Council's tender selection criteria's.

Once selected by Tweed Shire Council the Caprari-CPC Pump Station was designed, sourced, installed (all onsite earthmoving works undertaken by Harding's Earthmoving), commissioned and the entire project managed by Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment [Brisbane branch].

"During the lead build time (which was 1 week ahead of schedule) Dowdens were in constant contact. Tweed Shire Council made a few changes along the way which were accommodated and organised promptly and precisely every time by Dowdens. The coordination and regular contact I received was second to none. The team at Dowdens were not just salesmen, they actually knew not only how to trouble shoot, but also how to resolve any last minute changes whilst always chasing me up with courtesy! I was more than impressed with the product, price, amazing service and the installation provided by Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment. I have been in this game for 25yrs and cannot recall getting more professional service in any other field or from any other business than what I received on this project, a rarity. Thanks Dowdens!"

Darryl Harding
Owner - Harding's Earthmoving
Harding's Earthmoving

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment - Caprari-CPC Sewage Pump Station [Kingscliff North Holiday Park, NSW]


During initial project investigation the Tweed Shire Council reviewed multiple options for their sewage pump station system, including: prefabricated fibreglass, mould formed precast concrete and concrete pour in situ construction. Some of the Dowdens Caprari-CPC systems key advantages / features that met or exceeded Tweed Shire Council's selection criteria include:

The Caprari-CPC Selection software enabled our design team to assist matching the correct system layout to the specific site specifications. Caprari-CPC selection guide allows registered members to generate an integrated design solution for the selection of an appropriate chamber, pumps and mechanical components for a broad range of applications. The integrated design solution includes: GA Drawings of the chamber along with a "CAD Kit" providing all CAD elements enabling rapid transformation of the GA drawing into a full production drawing; Full component listing, including mechanical specification for your customised fit out; System curve, total system duty, pump recommendations and a budgetary quote is available on request.

Key Project Features:

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment - Caprari-CPC Sewage Pump Station [Kingscliff North Holiday Park, NSW]

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