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Modular Packaged Potable Water Treatment Plant for Blackwater Quarries camp

Customer: Nationwide Civil

Location: Blackwater, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment installed and commissioned four portable potable water treatment plants for Nationwide Civil's Quarries camp in Blackwater, Queensland.

Water Quality Requirements: The water quality produced is clean, bacteria, virus and pathogen free.

Water Use: Potable grade water to be used for the drinking, cooking, washing and showering requirements throughout the Quarries camp.

Water Source: Bedford Weir.

Daily Treated Water Production: 25.0 KL / day

Plant Description:

  • 4 x Module Potable Water Treatment Systems


Module 1:

  • Coagulant dosing and inline mixer to flocculate suspended solids

Module 2:

Module 3:

Module 4:

  • Chlorine dosing system for cleaning UF membrane and residual disinfection

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