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Pumping and Pipeline System for Clermont Coal Mine

Customer: Rio Tinto - Clermont Coal Mine

Location: Clermont, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment have successfully installed and commissioned a unique containerised pumping pipeline system for the In Pit Crushing Conveyor (IPCC) and dump conveyor system at Rio Tinto's Clermont Thermal Coal Mine.

Project Requirements: Washdown points at the dump conveyor and IPCC, dust suppression at the conveyor pivot point and IPCC, and future water cart filling points.

Plant's Critical Requirements:
  • Pumping capability of 10L up to 60L/sec
  • Dump conveyor pipeline to have an outlet every 100m for washdown purposes, and the ability to be easily relocated (dump conveyor is regularly moved depending on dumping overburden requirements)
  • Existing pumping system to fill large storage tanks for IPCC Water Supply
  • Pump that supplies storage tanks must not operate outside of standard operating range
  • Pump set controls to meet stringent site electrical specifications
  • Pumpset to operate on demand
  • Pumpset to be housed in shipping container for ease of onsite relocation


Key Plant Features:

  • Grundfos CR64 x 4 EDF Hydro system
  • Pump station includes two VFD controls and two soft starters with 37kw motors
  • Control Cabinet mounted inside shipping container and built to Rio Tinto specifications
  • Pump operates on demand and has the ability to add additional pumps as the demand increases
  • Grundfos EDF Control system allows for variable speed and fixed speed controls, which reduced costs on pumpset
  • 2x 45,000L poly tanks to supply the Grundfos pump station:
    • 200mm outlets allowing for equal balancing between tanks
  • Bermad level control valve with sustaining and flow control pilots fitted for tanks supply:
    • Tank fill rate matches maximum Grundfos pump flow of 60L/sec
    • Sustaining and flow control pilots allows for system upstream of Bermad valve to operate within in operating range
  • 2.1km of 200mm poly pipe installed at dump conveyor with outlets every 100m for washdown purposes
  • Manual isolation valves fitted to control the water demand

Additional Equipment Supplied by Rio Tinto:

  • Generator and Fuel Cells to operate the Grundfos Pump
  • Pump station installation was completed by Rio Tinto

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