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Rotating Biological Contactor Treatment Plants

Specifications & Features:

Download the Rotating Biological Contactor Treatment Plant Brochure for a full list of specifications and features

Commercial & Industrial Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plants

RBC Plant Advantages

  • No bar screens - a full time attendant to undertake raking and removal of screenings duties is not required
  • Sealed Primary Settling Tanks - limit flies and offensive odours
  • Small Footprint - and low visual impact.

RBC Plant Installation CASE STUDIES


Servicing a treatment range of 20 to 2,500 persons. Effluent to Class 'B' or Class 'A' quality

Suitable for mine sites, holiday parks, local governments, councils, construction and industrial.


Class 'B' quality

  • Rotating Biological Contactor Process
  • Gravity is used extensively in the design
  • Four distinct treatment phases
    1. Anaerobic treatment (including sludge digestion)
    2. Aerobic treatment (RBC phase)
    3. Effluent filtration
    4. Effluent disinfection

Class 'A' quality is acheived by the addition of an automatic hollow fibre Ultrafiltration (UF) system.

RBC Treatment Plant

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