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Skid Mounted Evaporators

Specifications & Features:


  • 1,010mm dia, 45kw, 415v fan
  • IP66 Rated mine spec motor and electrical components
  • G1455 reinforced fan impeller with cast aluminium assembly and safety keeper plate
  • Water consumption: 12 L/sec @ 1200kpa
  • 26,000 L/sec air volume @ 200kpa static pressure

Special Features

  • High Performance spiral vane assembly (assisting correct air direction)
  • Outlet nozzle with integral air correction (assisting with air speed and direction)
  • Three stage extreme inlet bell mouth with guarding
  • External case support member
  • Single point lifting assembly
  • Heavy duty skid base, fork pockets


26,000Ltr/sec air @ 12ltr atomized water =1ltr atomized water to 2,166Ltr of ambient air

Fans are built to AS3000 and AS4024 standards

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