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Wilga Park 400 Man Camp Potable Water Treatment Plant

Customer: Origin Energy

Location: Reedy Creek, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment were engaged by Origin Energy to design, supply, install and commission a potable Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at their Hamilton Park South 400 man Gathering Camp.

The onsite bores delivered raw water which was high in conductivity, total dissolved solids, sodium, chloride, iron and aluminium which needed to be removed to meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The process that was recommended, and accepted by Origin Enery included; pre-treatment, ultra-filtrition (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), carbon filtration and disinfection.

Treated Water Production: 120kL / day


Key 'Ultra-Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Plant' Features:
  • 3 days storage capacity of raw water in 8 x 47kL poly tanks
  • 3 days storage capacity of potable water in 8 x 47kL poly tanks
  • Galvanised steel skid set-up complete, pre-wired and pre-plumbed settings
  • 1x Temperature controller
  • 1x Coagulant dosing system
  • 1x Auto-flushing disc filtration system
  • 2x RO pressure vessels
  • 6x RO membranes
  • 1x Anti-scalant dosing system
  • 1x 30" Activated Carbon Filter with actuated diaphragm valves
  • 1x Chlorine Recirculation system with pH and chlorine analyser
  • 1x Acid Dosing system
  • 1x Shipping container with air conditioning, entry doors, steel plate floor and lights

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