Tanks & Bores


Save your precious water in a suitable storage tank. Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment supply tanks that are available in a range of materials including concrete, steel and polyethylene: Australian Standards apply to all rainwater storage tank design and installations that Dowdens supply.

Polyethylene tanks are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours and come fitted with insect protection screens. Delivery is also available to a site that has been properly prepared.

Dowdens Pumping also has a range of pumping systems available to suit your requirements. We sell accessories for your tanks, including:

Automatic pump change over control valves from storage to mains supply available if tank and mains water supply plumbing is installed. UV stabilised food grade polyethylene tanks are available for drinking water storage.

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment are experts in the design of complete water storage and pumping systems, supplied and installed to meet your requirements.


Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment we can test your bore for flow, organise bacterial and chemical water testing and select the best equipment to suit your situation. Dowdens offer our customers affordable Borehole and Drain inspection services using a range of Wireline Cameras. Our Wireline Cameras can operate up to a depth of 100m and deliver our customers high-resolution video and images straight to laptop / USB.

Whether the bore is for household supply, garden watering, or just tank filling the team at Dowdens can arrange the right size pump for your needs. We can design systems for either automatic operation or manual. We can install the system if required or simply supply all the necessary components for the customer to install themselves.

There are DEEP WELL (bores over 6 mt deep) or SHALLOW WELL (bores up to 6 mt deep) systems.

Contact us if you would like Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment to help design the right set up for your needs and select the perfect system for you.

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