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Water Treatment Systems providing Ultrapure Lab Water

Customer: Sullivan & Nicolaides Pathology

Location: 22 locations across NSW & QLD, Australia

Specifications & Features:

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment's Brisbane Branch have designed, supplied, installed and commissioned various water treatment systems for Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology's medical testing laboratories located throughout Queensland & New South Wales. Dowdens systems provide a constant and steady flow of ultrapure water at 22 of Sullivan & Nicolaides medical testing laboratories - all ongoing maintenance, repairs and servicing is undertaken by the Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment's Brisbane Infield Service Crew.

Daily Treated Water Production: From 1.0 to 15.0L / minute

Plant Description: (Typical Installation)

  • Carbon Filtration
  • Water Softeners
  • 5 Micron Filtration
  • 0.2 Micron Absolute Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Units
  • Deionisers & Deioniser Loop Polishers
  • Ultraviolet Sterilisers
  • Mixed-Bed Resin Cylinder Filtration Units

Key Features:

  • Minimal need for Sullivan & Nicolaides staff to
  • All systems adhering to strict NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) requirements

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