[cap_title] Capabilities.
[cap_description] Since 1973, Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment have supplied customers with comprehensive solutions to their fluid handling and treatment problems. As a leading pumping and water treatment organisation, we have the capabilities and expertise to provide our customers with products and services that supply solutions to ensure greater productivity, efficiency, and market advantage across various industries.
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[cap_1_description] Our asset management services can include scheduled maintenance, servicing and repairs from experienced infield tradespeople.
[cap_1_header] Asset Management
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[cap_2_header] Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Our EPC team can carry out detailed engineering design, procure all the equipment, source materials, construct and commission your next facility or plant.

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[cap_3_header] Solutions Engineering
[cap_3_description] We have the expertise to provide our customers with solutions that ensure greater productivity, efficiency and market advantage.
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[cap_4_header] Sustainability
[cap_4_description] Protecting our fragile environment is essential, and we are committed to finding the best ways to manage it for future generations.
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[cap_5_header] Safety Philosophy
[cap_5_description] We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors, customers and suppliers.
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[cap_6_header] Capability Statement
[cap_6_description] Want to find out more about us and our capabilities, please take the time to read our Capability Statement.
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[cap_7_header] Latest News & Articles
[cap_7_description] In our News & Articles, you will see project updates, new product releases, and helpful information to help keep you up to date with the latest from Dowdens.
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[cap_8_header] Case Studies
[cap_8_description] In the Case Studies you will see a wide range of projects Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment have completed over many years..
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