Irrigation Pumps

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment‘s range of irrigation pumps meets the most demanding conditions in Australia, from running dry-land crops through a dry period to watering residential gardens and council parks. These pumps are designed for continuous water flow and extreme durability.

Irrigation pumps bring water from one level to another, where it can travel via channels or pipes to the fields or gardens that need to be watered. Irrigation pumps in general raise, the head pressure so water can be delivered on the fields via piping systems or sprinklers.

Complete your irrigation system with our premium irrigation pumps

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment offers a wide range of irrigation pumps including low-flow, high head and combination pumps. Our products can be used in any type of irrigation application and offer features such as long service life, reliability and quality.

Aside from irrigation pumps, we also offer pumps suitable for water treatment solutions from planning to installation. We also have hard hose irrigators and a large range other products for all your irrigation needs.

Your one stop-shop for high-quality irrigation pumps in Australia

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment is a leading provider of irrigation pumps and services to the specialist markets. Our custom solutions are designed, manufactured, assembled and supported in Australia. We provide superior service, advice and maintenance to our customers, who rely on us to supply quality irrigation pump products at competitive prices.

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