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Pressure & Flow Control Pumps & Valves

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment have over 45 years of experience supplying and maintaining pumping systems to suit any industry. We provide an extensive range of products suitable for pressure and flow control whether you require mechanical or electrically controlled systems.

With our dedicated team of industry-trained engineers, draftsmen, project managers, salespeople and tradespeople, we can custom design a solution suitable for any purpose. Dowdens offer an unmatched range of world-class solutions for any type of bore or well project.

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Pressure & Flow Control Applications

Pressure control in a water a distribution system can be accomplished using various methods. There are five main methods of controlling pressure and flow. It is extremely important to get the correct pump, flow and pressure devices in any water delivery system so you have the best efficiency possible to save electricity and maintenance cost while maintaining the correct pressure and water volume to suit your application. The control method is dependant on many things and very application-specific.

Five methods of controlling flow:

  • Bypass Lines
  • Throttle Valves
  • Multiple Pump Arrangements
  • Impeller Trimming
  • Pump Speed Adjustments

Common pressure and flow control devices and systems:

  • Variable Speed Pump Motors (VSP)
  • Multistage Pumps
  • Pressure Switches
  • Digital Flow Meters
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Pressure Tanks
  • Air Release Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Needle Valves
  • Foot Valves
  • Gate Valves

Industries Supplied

Pressure & Flow Control Product Options

Dowdens experienced team of salespeople can help you select the correct pumps, pressure and flow control products to suit your application. We have industry trained infield tradespeople to install and maintain your system and workshops strategically located throughout Queensland should any repairs be required. Below are the brands we supply to complete a successful installation.

World Class Brands

Downdens supplies and services the world's best brands to suit all your pressure and flow control requirements.


Pressure & Flow Control Solutions delivered

  • Multistage Pump Stations
  • Pressure Reduction Valve Stations
  • Bore Pump Control Stations
  • Pressure Setting Spool Piece

Dowdens Designed & Manufactured Pressure Setting Spool Piece

As filtered water flows vertically from the surface the pressure at the mine level can be several thousand kPa. Normal orifice or flow restrictors induce high velocities in a very short space resulting in cavitation & sonic sound which can erode the components & reduce their effect.

Dowdens Engineering Department designed and developed a Pressure Setting Spool sized specifically to meet the specific duty required. The spool was custom designed using engineered fluid mechanics to reduce the pressure before it entered the valve station, taking part of the load off the station. Pipe supports were also engineered to provide a secure installation of the station.

Pressure Setting Spool Piece Case Study >>


Our Capabilities

Solutions Engineering

Our experienced Solutions Engineering team can offer a range of services including design, manufacture, installation and servicing of all equipment and systems. Our pressure and flow control solutions are adaptable, taking into account that customer requirements change with industry regulations and expectations.

EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)

Have a large project coming up? Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment’s EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction team will carry out the detailed engineering design of the project and procure all the equipment and materials necessary. The EPC Project Team will manage at the site to deliver facilities or systems to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

If you are looking for a solution for your next pumping, irrigation, water or sewage treatment challenge, please contact us or follow the links below for more information about our capabilities.

Read our Capability Statement for more information >>

Industry Experience

As Queensland’s leading pumping and water treatment organisation, we have the capabilities and expertise to provide our customers with purpose engineered solutions, which ensure greater productivity. 

We understand the requirements to deliver quality products and market-leading solutions that are cost-effective and provide minimal downtime If an issue does arise, we have qualified, experienced infield and workshop based tradespeople to get you up and running.

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