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Irrigation Pumps

Water is the most crucial input for agricultural production since it is necessary for plant growth. Irrigation is the replenishment of soil water storage in the root zone of plants using means other than natural precipitation. Agriculture uses 50-70% of the water consumed in Australia per annum, and irrigation uses 90% of that.

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment with over 45 years of experience in irrigation stand ready to help you with any application from drip and sprinkler to centre pivot and linear irrigation solutions. 

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Irrigation Applications

With drought, which is all too prevalent in Australia, relying on rain is a gamble. The natural application of water to the soil by direct rainfall is known as rain-fed farming. Irrigation is the process of applying water to the soil artificially using tubes, pumps, and sprays.

There are a variety of irrigation techniques in which water is evenly distributed throughout the entire area. Irrigation water can originate from various sources, including groundwater, springs and wells, surface water, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and even treated wastewater or desalinated water.

Common Irrigation Applications

Drip IrrigationDrip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is an excellent water irrigation method that can have a significant impact on the land. By slowly drawing water either onto the soil surface or directly on the root zone of the crops, you can supply sufficient water as well as fertiliser to prevent over-watering and conserve water resources. Drip irrigation networks can either sit above ground or be submerged underground — offering a considerable benefit to crops, lawns and other vegetation by minimising evaporation and encouraging your greenery to absorb more water and nutrients. 

Sprinker IrrigationSprinkler irrigation

There are three main methods of sprinkler irrigation. Each offers its advantages and disadvantages depending on where you need to supply water. Some sprinkler systems include:

  • Pop-up sprinklers

Pop-up sprinklers, as the name implies, pop out of the ground and retract again when not in use. They allow you to supply water to large land areas and require irrigation pumps to maintain water pressure and a constant flow to ensure enough coverage to water a lawn, golf course or bowling green.

  • Mini sprinklers and micro-jets

More suitable for smaller outdoor areas such as shrubbery, perennials and orchards, mini sprinklers and micro-jets allow you to water targeted areas with little wastage and water run-off. Whilst they work well in smaller spaces, they can be damaged easily and require active use for longer periods to supply adequate water.

  • Overhead sprinklers

Typically confined to nurseries and orchards, overhead sprinklers quickly supply water to larger areas with the downside of increased water wastage. Overhead sprinklers require adequate irrigation water pumps to maintain high water pressure — otherwise, you risk your irrigation pump burning out.

Pivot IrrigationCentre pivot and linear irrigation

Large pastures and cropping areas require advanced pumping and irrigation. This can be achieved through centre pivot and linear irrigation systems, which allow for the highly efficient water supply necessary to service large areas. 

The centre pivot releases water from the centre resulting in water being released in circular motions, and linear irrigation involves water being discharged in a straight back and forth movement.

Flood IrrigationControlled flood irrigation

As the name implies, controlled flood irrigation requires land to be flooded to quickly supply large pastures of grain and fodder crops with water. Flood fed irrigation offers a fast and efficient water supply to secure and manage crops devoted to food supply channels.

 Your trustworthy irrigation suppliers

Dowden offers a full-service experience to help you meet your irrigation needs. Whether you require an irrigation pump for domestic use or a large installation for industrial applications, we can tailor our services to best meet your specifications. With decades of experience across different industries, we have the expertise to install and manage water irrigation systems designed to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Our Industries


Whether you grow crops or pastures that need water, we can install complete irrigation systems from the water source to the irrigated system with electric or diesel fed pump systems, electrical control equipment and more.


With years of experience in the commercial sector providing chemical dosing systems, water and sewage treatment plans, dewatering systems and more, Dowdens can install water irrigation systems that will reduce downtime and maximise the return on your infrastructure and assets.


We have completed many advanced pumping and irrigation systems installations in the government sector. Previously, we have built mains water supply pump stations, trade waste management systems, wastewater pumping stations and more.

Mining, Oil and Gas

Dowdens offers an unmatched range of industry best practice engineering solutions for any type of water management project. Our Queensland mining industry services cover all aspects of irrigation, water engineering and more. 


As Queensland’s leading pumping and water treatment specialists, we can provide tailored systems to meet your needs at home. From in-ground irrigation, pressure pumps and water recycling systems, we’ve got you covered.

Sport and Recreation

Our water irrigation systems help support water and recreation venues that bring communities together. From commercial pool filtration and pumping, commercial turf irrigation to fountains and water features, our services cover every facet of the industry and provide you with the highest level of service and efficiency.

Water and Wastewater

Our services are considered a cornerstone for keeping Queensland communities safe and healthy. Some of our advanced pumping and irrigation systems include groundwater transfer pumps, water treatment plans, custom stormwater harvesting and management. 

Irrigation Product Options

Dowdens experienced team of salespeople can help you with a selection of the correct products to suit your irrigation application. We have industry trained infield tradespeople to install and maintain your system and workshops strategically located throughout Queensland should any repairs be required. Below are the typical products necessary to complete various irrigation applications for a successful installation.

World Class Brands

Dowdens supplies and services the world's best brands to suit all your irrigation requirements.


Product options include:

  • Complete Irrigation Systems from the water source to the irrigated area can be supplied and installed.
  • Travelling irrigators, booms, centre pivots, lateral move and subsurface systems
  • Electric or diesel driven pump systems complete with control and protection equipment.
  • Electrical control equipment - variable speed drives, remote start/stop control and monitoring.
  • Piping, fittings and accessories
  • Control Valves (pressure reducing, relief, etc)
  • Poly tanks
  • Solar-powered systems
  • Farm efficiency reports for new and existing installations
  • Groundwater supply systems
  • Surface and subsurface piping, fittings and accessories

Irrigation Solutions delivered

  • Cattle, sugarcane and cotton farming
  • Plant nurseries
  • Sporting stadiums and complexes
  • Golf courses
  • Council parks, roundabouts, gardens etc.
  • Residential homes & gardens

Our Capabilities

Solutions Engineering

Our experienced Solutions Engineering team can offer various services, including design, manufacture, installation and servicing of all equipment and systems. Our irrigation solutions are adaptable, considering that customer requirements change with industry regulations and expectations.

Find out more about Solution Engineering >>

EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)

Have a large project coming up? Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment’s EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction team, will carry out the detailed engineering design of the project and procure all the equipment and materials necessary. The EPC Project Team will manage at the site to deliver facilities or systems to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

If you are looking for a solution for your next pumping, irrigation, water or sewage treatment challenge, please contact us or follow the link below for more information about our capabilities.

Read our Capability Statement for more information >>

Industry Experience

As Queensland’s leading pumping and water treatment organisation, we have the capabilities and expertise to provide our customers with purpose engineered solutions, which ensure greater productivity.

We understand the requirements to deliver quality products and market-leading solutions that are cost-effective and provide minimal downtime. If an issue does arise, we have qualified, experienced infield and workshop based tradespeople to get you up and running. 

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