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Water Treatment


Water Treatment

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment have over 45 years of experience supplying and maintaining water treatment systems to suit any industry. We provide an extensive range of water treatment products, from filter cartridges, filter housings, UV systems and accessories to complete systems for commercial use.

With our dedicated team of industry-trained engineers, draftsmen, project managers, salespeople and tradespeople, we can custom design a solution suitable for any purpose. Dowdens offer an unmatched range of world-class solutions for any type of water treatment project and has the expertise to specify precisely what you need.

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Water Treatment Applications

Dowdens is an industry pioneer in offering comprehensive solutions for any water treatment application. We provide full water treatment, pumping, and water management systems that are tailored for each project/application. We offer custom-engineered solutions to satisfy the specific needs of each water treatment application.

We have the skills and flexibility to pick the best, most cost-effective solution for practically any water treatment application using our water treatment method and decades of water treatment engineering experience in collaboration with our large network of vendors/partners. All of this is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to quality, long-term operating efficiency, service, and support.

Industries Supplied

  • Agriculture — We service everything from small hobby farms to primary producers.
  • Aquaculture — Improve outputs and farm health with simple water quality improvements.
  • Chemical Processing — Whether you're making or removing them, chemical processing requires high-quality H20 and accurate dosages.
  • Commercial — If you're dealing with irrigating, treating or dosing needs, this is the section for you.
  • Food & Beverage — We provide comprehensive custom-tailored solutions for any needs within the food and beverage manufacturing sphere.
  • General Industry — If you can't find the right category anywhere else on our list, this one's for you. Feel free to ask us about your industry.
  • Government — Our water treatment technologies can keep things running smoothly no matter what project you're working on.
  • Manufacturing — No matter what you're making, high-quality water along with other ingredients are key.
  • Oil, Mining & Gas — We offer water treatment solutions for the oil, mining and gas industries — where purity matters.
  • Pharmaceutical — When people's lives are quite literally in your hands, you want everything to be of the highest quality.

  • Water & Wastewater — Treating wastewater is vital to maintaining our ecosystems — we can help.

Water Treatment Product Options

Dowden’s experienced team of salespeople can help you with a selection of the correct water treatment products to suit your application. We have industry trained infield tradespeople to install and maintain your system and workshops strategically located throughout Queensland should any maintenance, repairs or upgrades be required. Below are the typical products necessary to complete a successful installation.

World Class Brands

Dowdens supplies and services the world's best brands to suit all your water treatment requirements. Our offerings include only the highest quality solutions and are varied enough to meet a diverse range of needs.


Product options include:

  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial Bag & Cartridge Filters — All water needs filtering to maintain quality, and our selection of filters can be tailored to your unique needs to get the best outcome possible.
  • Filter Media — Your filter is only as good as the media within it. So, make sure you select quality components. Filter media is the material that lives within your filter and is in charge of both mechanical and biological filtration — in other words, you want it to be up to the job.
  • Filter Housings — When you need to keep everything safe and covered, filter housings are the product to get the job done.
  • Pressure Pumps — Water doesn't move without a force to relocate it. A pressure pump is necessary if your application demands strong water flow.
  • Pressure and Control Valves — If you need your water to move at a specific pressure (or in a particular amount), pressure and control valves are imperative.
  • Dosing Pumps — Getting the wrong dosage is the quickest way to make a mess in delicate operations. Avoid this issue with a dosing pump.
  • Control Modules and Systems — Challenging problems and complex situations require advanced solutions. Control modules and systems help ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Pipes, Fitting and Accessories — The best machinery won't help you if it isn't connected correctly. Get all the pipes, fittings and accessories for your needs in one easy place.

Water Treatment Solutions and Systems Delivered

  • Containerised and Portable Systems for a wide range of applications such as water treatment, chemical dosing, trade waste and potable water.
    • Water Treatment
    • Chemical Dosing
    • Trade Waste
    • Potable Water
  • Complete water treatment plants plants for end-to-end coverage.
  • Vehicle wash down facilities to ensure safety and compliance.
  • Wastewater treatment systems and treated water reservoirs for dealing with any by-products and waste in a comprehensive manner.
  • Residential, commercial & industrial drinking water systems to ensure fresh, clean drinking water.
  • Trade waste systems for dealing with inevitable waste products.
  • Potable water treatment systems so you can produce your own fresh water.
  • Water softeners for when pH balance is key.
  • Carbon, glass media sediment and iron & manganese removal filters so you can ensure optimal quality and conditions for your needs.
  • Neutralising and Nexsand filters to ensure parameters fit your guidelines.
  • Nexsand Filters
  • Deioniser Systems to improve the purity and remove minerals.
  • Ultra-filtration Systems to remove even the smallest particles and make water clean enough to drink.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems to remove undesirable sediments and particles.
  • Ultraviolet Filtration Systems for when you simply cannot have any organic matter in your water.

For more information and Brochures please visit:

Or, if you're ready to improve your water quality and want expert guidance, reach out to our specialist team for assistance.


Our Capabilities

Solutions Engineering

Our experienced Solutions Engineering team can offer a range of services including design, manufacture, installation and servicing of all equipment and systems. Our water treatment solutions are adaptable, taking into account that customer requirements change with industry regulations and expectations.

EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)

Have a large project coming up? Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment’s EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction team will carry out the detailed engineering design of the project and procure all the equipment and materials necessary. The EPC Project Team will manage at the site to deliver facilities or systems to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

If you are looking for a solution for your next pumping, irrigation, water or sewage treatment challenge, please contact us or follow the links below for more information about our capabilities.

Read our Capability Statement for more information >>

Industry Experience

As Queensland’s leading pumping and water treatment organisation, we have the capabilities and expertise to provide our customers with purpose engineered solutions, which ensure greater productivity.

Our services are backed by almost half a century of experience, so we've seen it all and can get everything sorted efficiently and at the highest level of quality. Our teams go through a high level of training to ensure that they can meet client needs and provide the optimal solution for any task. 

This is because we understand the requirements to deliver quality products and market-leading, cost-effective solutions that provide minimal downtime. However, if an issue does arise, we have qualified, experienced infield and workshop-based tradespeople to get you up and running.

To request a custom solution or simply get more information on the water treatment options we offer, get in touch with our team today.

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