Bermad WW-C30-P-IP Combination Air Release Valve



Bermad WW-C30-P-IP Combination Air Release Valve with Inflow Protection

The Bermad C30-P-IP is an air release valve, designed to only allow air to discharge.

The IP (inflow protection) function prevents any air ever entering the pipeline due to the external check valve being fitted.

These valves are used in suction lines for pumps, pipelines only requiring air discharge, and siphon pipelines.

The valves supplied in Australia are full certified for drinking water to approvals AS4956 & AS4020 and WSAA appraised


  • Pipelines: Protection against air accumulation and vacuum formation at elevations, slope change points and road/ river crossings.
  • Water networks: Protection against air accumulation and vacuum formation.
  • In proximity to control valves and water meters: Prevention of inaccurate pressure regulation and biased readings due to air existence in these devices.


  • Straight flow body with large diameter automatic orifice:
  • Higher than usual flow rates.
  • Aerodynamic full-body kinetic shield: Prevents premature closing, without disturbing air intake or discharge.
  • Dynamic sealing: Prevents leakage under low pressure conditions (1.5 psi; 0.1 bar).
  • The boss on the base can be tapped with a thread for pressure gauge connection, check point or test drain for air valve function.
  • Threaded Side outlet (2”; DN50) for connection of Surge
  • Protection (code SP) or Inflow prevention (code IP) devices.
  • Compact, simple and reliable structure with fully corrosionresistant internal parts; lower maintenance and increased life span.
  • Design in compliance with functional standard and water service standards.
  • Factory approval and Quality Control: Performance and specification tested and measured with specialized test bench, including vacuum pressure conditions.


  • Pressure Rating: 230 psi; ISO PN16
  • Minimum operating pressure: 1.5 psi; 0.1 bar
  • Maximum operating pressure: 230 psi; 16 bar
  • Media and operating temperature: Water, 33-140°F; 1-60°C


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