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Chemical Processing


Chemical Processing

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment have experience in the chemical processing industry, with many projects completed over our 45 plus years in business. We have a dedicated team of industry trained engineers, draftspeople, project managers, sales staff and tradespeople to assist with your requirements. Dowdens offer an unmatched range of world-class engineering solutions for any type of chemical process project. 

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Chemical Processing Industry

As a company that has built its foundation from the servicing and development of chemical processing systems for water and sewage treatment applications, Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment have the experience to engineer a solution to suit any chemical processing industry use. For over 45 years, we have been providing customers with solutions-based technology - designed to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and increase the longevity of products and systems.

Solutions Delivered Include

  • Chemical Dosing Equipment
  • Dewatering Systems
  • Ozone Sterilisation Systems
  • Quick Break Detergents and Degreasers
  • Special Alloy (chemically inert) Pumps
  • Water Testing for Dosing
  • Water Treatment Plants

Our Capabilities Include

With our experienced team, we can offer customers a range of services including design, manufacture, installation and servicing of all equipment and systems. Our Chemical Processing solutions are adaptable, taking into account that customer requirements change with industry regulations and expectations.

If you are looking for a solution for your pumping, irrigation, water or sewage treatment challenge, please contact us or view our capability statement for more information. 

Industry Experience

As Queensland’s leading pumping and water treatment organisation, we have the capabilities and expertise to provide our customers with purpose engineered solutions, which ensure greater productivity.

With over 45 years of chemical processing industry experience, we understand the requirements required to deliver quality products and market-leading solutions that provide minimal downtime. If an issue arises, we have qualified, experienced infield and workshop based tradespeople to get you up and running.

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