Grundfos DDE 15-4 98147447 Digital Dosing Pump



Grundfos DDE 15-4 98147447 Digital Dosing Pump

  • Controls & Digital Groundwater Management
  • Drip/Micro Spray
  • Agricultural Groundwater
  • Livestock watering with solar solutions
  • Pivot
  • Agriculture solar solutions
  • Solar boosting and water supply solutions
  • Agricultural Surface Water
  • Commercial water disinfection
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Desalination
  • Industrial heating
  • Wash and clean
  • Industrial water supply
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Solar Controls & Digital Water Management
  • Solar Water Treatment Fertigation & Dosing
  • Community water supply
  • Wastewater treatment

SMART Digital diaphragm dosing pump with internal stepper motor drive. Economic Digital Dosing even for basic dosing applications (Digital Dosing Essential).


The SMART Digital DDE is a compact positive displacement, diaphragm dosing pump with variable-speed drive (stepper motor) and intelligent control electronics with minimum energy consumption. The SMART Digital Dosing series operates at full stroke length to ensure optimum accuracy, priming and suction, even for degassing liquids. The duration of each discharge stroke varies according to the capacity set, resulting in optimum smooth and continuous discharge flow. The click-stop mounting plate allows installation in three different positions without using any additional accessories. The dosing flow can be adjusted by means of an adjustment knob on a logarithmical scale from 0.1-100%.

The dosing head is composed of:

  • Long lifetime and universal chemical resistant Full-PTFE diaphragm.
  • Double ball valves for the highest dosing accuracy.
  • Deaeration valve for easy start-up.

Operation modes:

  • Manual dosing from 0.1 to 100%.
  • Pulse control (divisor function included).

Other features:

  • 100 % key (max. capacity), e.g. for deaearation.
  • Operation mode switch key between manual and pulse.
  • Status LEDs for pulse and manual.
  • Mechanical lock to protect the pump against unauthorised access.

Signal inputs/outputs:

  • Input for pulse, external stop.
  • Input for empty tank signal.
  • 2 potential free output relays for max. 30 V AC/DC (configurable, alarm, low level, full stroke signal and pulse)



Type key: DDE 6-10 PR-PVC/T/C-X-31U2U2IG
Max. Flow: 15 l/h
Min flow:
15.0 ml/h
Turn-down ratio:
Valve type:
Maximum viscosity at 100 %: 50 mPas
Maximum viscosity in slow mode 50 %: N/A mPas
Maximum viscosity in slow mode 25 %: N/A mPas
Accuracy of repeatability: 5 %



Dosing head:
PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride)
Valve ball: Ceramic



Range of ambient temperature: 0 .. 45 °C
Maximum operating pressure: 4 bar
Installation set: NO
Installation type: No installation set
Pump inlet: 4/6, 6/9, 6/12, 9/12 mm
Pump outlet:
4/6, 6/9, 6/12, 9/12 mm
Max. Suction lift during operation: 6 m
Max. Suction lift during priming:
3 m



Pumped liquid: Water
Liquid temperature range:
-10 .. 45 °C
Selected liquid temperature:
20 °C
998.2 kg/m³



P1 max: 19 W
Mains frequency:
50 / 60 Hz
Rated voltage:
1 x 100-240 V
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5):
IP65 / NEMA 4X
Length of cable:
1.5 m
Type of cable plug:
Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan
Inrush current: 25A at 230V for 2ms



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