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Dowdens Group Pty Ltd are fully registered by Achilles as a supplier on FPS, click for details.
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Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment awarded Achilles FPS Accreditation

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment is proud to announce we have attained full accreditation as a supplier on the Achilles First Point Supply base (FPS).

Achilles FPS is a supplier management system for the oil & gas sector in the Asia Pacific region which enables businesses to use Achilles' proven supplier pre-qualification system to identify, pre-qualify and assess suppliers for tender opportunities whilst minimising risk within their prospective supply chains.

The Achilles FPS Accreditation positions Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment as a trusted supplier to many esteemed global corporations involved in the oil & gas sector including: Shell, Clough, Santos, Arrow Energy, Vale, BHP Billiton, Anglo American and Exxon Mobil.

Dowdens are a registered Achilles FPS supplier for the following products and services:

Having Achilles FPS accreditation means Dowdens customers have access to accurate and up-to-date information on our safety standards and compliance, reliable visibility of risk across our supply base and reduced exposure to non-compliance with both projects and products supplied.


Remote 200 Man Work Camp Sewage Treatment Plant

Case Study

Customer: Origin Energy

Location: Near Euthulla, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Water Use:
Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment were contracted by Origin Energy to design, manufacture, supply, install and commission a Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) and Ultrafiltration (UF) Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for a 200 man work camp located at their Spring Gully site - Euthulla (near Roma).

The treated effluent is discharged to an onsite Pongamia plantation via an irrigation system in accordance with criteria from the Class A recycled water guidelines.

STP Water Quality Output:
Class A recycled water

Daily Treated Water Production: 60kL


Plant Description:

Incoming raw sewage is deposited in primary holding/settling tanks where primary settlement and anaerobic digestion occurs.

The retention capacity in the holding tanks ensured proper settling of bio-solids and anaerobic digestion occurred. The settling tank effluent then flows through to the rotating disc stage where aerobic treatment takes place.

Effluent from the rotating disc stage then passes through the clarifier. Treated effluent from the clarifier is then pumped through the UF system to further reduce the suspended solids level to meet final treated effluent quality.

The effluent is then dosed with liquid chlorine enabling effective disinfection prior to use for onsite plantation irrigation.

STP Components:

  • System is capable of treating 60m3/day of raw sewage into to Class A effluent
  • 12.2m3 pump station complete with duty stand-by maceration pumps
  • Emergency 30m3 peak flow storage tank
  • 2x 1.1kW Rotating Disc Rotor Units
  • Electrical Control Panel, Chlorine Disinfection and Filter Room all and housed in refurbished shipping containers with air conditioning and lined panels
  • 4x 47kL treated effluent/wet weather storage tanks with interconnecting pipe work
  • Class 'A' UF Polishing System Components:

    • UF polishing system housed in a refurbished shipping container with air conditioning and lined panels
    • Chlorine dosing system with 200L tank, level sensor and 2x dosing pumps
    • 650L filter backwash tank with level sensor
    • PLC based control panel with HMI Touch Screen
    • Fully automated irrigation system supplying treated water to Pongamia plantation


Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment's Rockhampton Branch has moved!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014
Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment Rockhampton Branch has moved

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment's Rockhampton Branch has moved into a new Mega-Store located @ Unit 4 / 415 Yaamba Road, North Rockhampton.

The huge showroom (see below) has increased our stock warehousing capabilities dramatically, meaning even greater savings on a myriad of water treatment and pumping equipment for the home, farm and mine site.

Our in-house workshop capabilities are continually growing much like our team of expert dedicated pumping & water treatment staff!

As Queensland's leading pumping and water treatment organisation with over 40 years industry experience Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment has the capabilities and expertise to provide our customers with purpose engineered fluid handling solutions.

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment's Rockhampton Branch specialise in quality custom-made sewage, wastewater and water treatment plants. Providing an all-in-one service from initial investigation and design through to supply, installation and commissioning our water treatment solutions are used across most industries needing reliable treated water supply.

Not forgetting that as a company that has built its foundation from the servicing and development of agricultural pumps and water treatment technology and applications, Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment have the experience to engineer a solution to suit any sized agricultural irrigation application, from turf to broadacre.

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment Rockhampton Branch has moved

Oil and Diesel Fuel Pump Set

Case Study

Customer: FK Gardner & Sons Group

Location: Rockhampton, QLD

Specifications & Features:

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment have successfully installed and commissioned a specialised oil and diesel fuel pump set for Hastings Deering (Rockhampton) on behalf of the FK Gardner & Sons Group.

Project Requirements: The objective of the project was to transfer large quantities of oil and diesel fuel as quickly and efficiently as possible from an onsite fuel store to the 'Engine Dyno' rooms.

Plant's Critical Requirements:
  • Supply of oil had to be delivered at a minimum of 20L/min per hose reel
  • Diesel fuel was to be transferred from bulk onsite storage tanks to smaller 1000L 'day tanks' - then transferred directly to the 'Engine Dyno' rooms


Key Plant Features:
  • Fuel transfer is triggered via ultra sonic level sensors which tell the pumps to start once a minimum level is reached, once the maximum level is reached pumps automatically switch off
  • Wilden Air Pumps were used to transfer both the oil and diesel fuel to the 'Engine Dyno' rooms
  • 63mm Dura Pipe PLX was used for the diesel lines - this particular poly pipe utilises a durable internal lining to handle diesel fuel
  • The process used for the joining the Dura Pipe PLX was 'Electrofusion'
  • Existing onsite pipes were 63mm Calair Oil Pro Pipe which is used to transport oil to supply the oil reels in the 'Engine Dyno' rooms
  • The process used for the joining of the Calair Oil Pro Pipe was 'Socket Fusion'





We are a member of the Australian Water Association


Dowdens Group Pty Ltd are fully registered by Achilles as a supplier on FPS, click for details.


We are a member of the Water Quality Association


We are a member of the Australian Water Association   We are a member of the Water Quality Association