Dowdens Pneumatic Dewatering Pod



The Dowdens Pneumatic Dewatering Pod was developed to offer clients a dewatering solution in times where there
was no power available due to a planned outage or fault.

Coupled with the ever-increasing lead times for electrical components and motors and the cost of powering hazardous
areas, this non-powered solution will assist our clients with keeping their operations on track.

Mine site water is collected from around the mine from sumps and wet areas, then delivered to the pod where the
pumps transfer the collected mine water to a main station, dam or to another pod.


This unit has all the standard physical features of an underground pump pod, without all the electrical requirements.
The unit is fitted with a Dowdens Pneumatic Level Control Valve to control the pumps through the rise and fall of the water level.

The standard unit is fitted with three submersible vortex pumps that are designed to handle the coal, rock, and dirt that are typically present in the mine water.

With all three pumps operating, a flow rate of 105m3/hr can be achieved. These pumps are also capable of achieving in excess of 50m head pressure.


  • 2400mm wide, 3000mm long and 1750mm high
  • Equipped with a QDS lift attachment, forklift slots and lifting lugs
  • 2500L capacity taken, constructed from 6mm mild steel and sloped bottom for ease of cleaning
  • Three pneumatic submersible vortex pumps (all three pumps can be operated simultaneously if required)
  • Fully detachable lids
  • Six 50mm inlets fitted with cam locks
  • Two 100mm drains with butterfly valves
  • Dowdens Pneumatic Level Control Valve for automatic/manual operation of the pumps
  • 50mm Minsup air supply with “Y” strainer


Pneumatic Dewatering Pod Pneumatic Dewatering Pod