Dowdens Pneumatic Level Control Valve



Pneumatically operated pumps are the intrinsically safe option when dewatering in an underground coal mine. These
pumps are often connected to the air supply and left to run non-stop, whether there is water present or not.

This results in excess air being wasted, which is not only a cost to the company for the air, but increases the
maintenance costs of the pump as it is operating when it is not required.

To optimise air consumption efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, Dowdens has successfully developed a system
that will start and stop the pneumatic pump using the rise and fall of the water level without the need for a mechanical
or electrical float device.


Since the release of the first unit, which was designed to operate a single AODD or pneumatic submersible pump, this air logic automation has undergone additional developments.

This has led to the creation of solutions that can operate large multi air pump skids installed into sumps or sink holes or can be retrofitted to existing pump pods and tanks.


  • Auto/Manual Operation
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Multiple installation configuration
    • Integral Head Unit
    • Remote Mount Unit
    • Puddle Unit
    • External Tank Unit
  • Two different capacity options, depending on
    how many pumps are being operated



ATSP450750STAGE Pneumatic Level Control Valve brochure