Bermad FP 400E-4M Pneumatically Controlled Deluge Valve



Bermad FP 400E-4M Pneumatically Controlled Deluge Valve

The Bermad Model FP 400E-4M Classic Deluge Valve includes a Manual EasyLock Reset for latching the valve open in response to an electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, or electro-pneumatic signal. The Deluge Valve resets to the closed position only upon local manual reset activation.


  • Pneumatic PORV – Best suited for corrosive and freezing conditions
  • Latch open – Closes upon local reset only
  • One-piece molded elastomeric moving part –
  • No maintenance required
  • Simple design – Cost effective
  • Obstacle-free full bore – Uncompromising reliability
  • Factory pre-assembled trim – Out-of-box quality
  • In-line serviceable – Minimal downtime



BERMAD’s Model FP 400E-4M is suitable for systems that include dry pilot lines with closed pneumatic fusible plugs (thermal releases), and piping systems with a wide variety of open nozzles. Since it is pneumatically controlled, the Model FP 400E–4M is recommended for environments with freezing temperatures and/or corrosive water supply. In the SET position, the line-pressure supplied to the main valve’s control chamber via the priming line and through an EasyLock Manual Reset [3], is trapped by the EasyLock internal check valve, by a closed Pneumatic Pressure Operated Relief Valve (PORV) and by a closed Manual Emergency Release. The trapped pressure holds the main valve’s diaphragm and plug against the valve seat [6], sealing it drip-tight and keeping the system piping dry. The PORV is held closed by the pneumatic pressure maintained in the dry pilot line. Under FIRE or TEST conditions, a pilot line pneumatic pressure drop opens the PORV. Pressure is then released from the main valve’s control chamber through the opened PORV, or the Manual Emergency Release. The EasyLock prevents line pressure from entering the control chamber, allowing the main valve to latch open and water to flow into the system piping and to the alarm device.


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