Dowdens Dewater Solutions

Dowdens Dewater Solutions

It’s no surprise that mining is fraught with danger. Miners face an endless number of health and safety risks, from operating mobile plant equipment to hazardous airborne particles produced during mineral processing activities.

One such risk is flooding caused by the mining method itself as well as environmental factors, including heavy rainfall and a rising water table, which threatens site safety, productivity and performance. In order to overcome this challenge, dewatering plays a critical role in maintaining a safe, reliable and efficient operation by removing water from surface and underground locations.

Dewatering on a commercial scale demands highly specialised pump systems engineered to meet different project applications within specific mine environments. Selecting the appropriate dewatering system is key to sustaining long-term productivity and profitability.

Dowdens Pneumatic Dewatering Pod

Dowdens Pneumatic Dewatering Pod Dowdens Pneumatic Dewatering Pod Dowdens Pneumatic Dewatering Pod

The Dowdens Pneumatic Dewatering Pod was developed to offer clients a dewatering solution in times where there was no power available due to a planned outage or fault.

Coupled with the ever-increasing lead times for electrical components and motors and the cost of powering hazardous areas, this non-powered solution will assist our clients with keeping their operations on track.

Mine site water is collected from around the mine from sumps and wet areas, then delivered to the pod where the pumps transfer the collected mine water to a main station, dam or to another pod.

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Dowdens Pneumatic Level Control Valve

Dowdens Pneumatic Level Control Valve Dowdens Pneumatic Level Control Valve Dowdens Pneumatic Level Control Valve

Pneumatically operated pumps are the intrinsically safe option when dewatering in an underground coal mine. These pumps are often connected to the air supply and left to run non-stop, whether there is water or not.

This results in excess air being wasted, which is not only a cost to the company for the air, but increases the maintenance costs of the pump as it is operating when it is not required.

To optimise air consumption efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, Dowdens has successfully developed a system that will start and stop the pneumatic pump using the rise and fall of the water level without the need for a mechanical or electrical float device.

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Dowdens Underground Dewatering Fish Tanks

Dowdens Underground Dewatering Fish Tanks Dowdens Underground Dewatering Fish Tanks Dowdens Underground Dewatering Fish Tanks

Portable Fish Tanks are used in underground mines as part of the water management process. Mine water is collected from sumps and wet areas by pumps and delivered to the fish tank.

Standard capacity options of 2,000L, 4,000L, 6,000L, 10,000L and 14,000 litre tanks are designed to minimise maintenance. The bottom shape of the fish tank allows a self-cleaning action that dramatically reduces the retention of solids.

Flameproof or IP Rated models are available with pump and motor configurations selected based on the application requirements.

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Authorised Queensland Distributor for Tsurumi Pumps

Authorised Queensland Distributor for Tsurumi Pumps

Dowdens are also authorised distributors of the Tsurumi electrical submersible pump range. These premium Japanese quality pumps have been manufactured since 1924, and feature patented, cutting-edge technology, making them one of the most reliable, trusted pumps on the market.

The pump sizes range from 0.4kW up to 185kW and are available in 240v, 415v and 1000v, as well as an explosion-proof range. With flows up to an impressive 233 L/sec and head pressure of just over 240m, these pumps are designed to withstand the harshest environments.

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Australian Distributor for ATS 2000 Lube-Free Sump Pumps

Australian Distributor for ATS 2000 Lube-Free Sump Pumps

Since 2007, Dowdens has been the exclusive Australian distributor of the ATS 2000 Vortex range of heavy-duty submersible lubrication-free pneumatic pumps.

These compact, lightweight pumps are designed to operate in extreme mining conditions, feature low air consumption, rust-free technology, and provide a balance of toughness, durability and versatility.

Several models are available featuring a single pump weighing just 17kg and a maximum head of 80m, and a maximum flow of 764 L/min. The Tandem set-up can achieve a maximum head of 140m, which has never previously been seen in a pneumatic submersible pump.

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