Bermad 400 UL / FM Fire Protection Approved Torrent Basic Valve Series



Bermad 400 UL / FM Fire Protection Approved Torrent Basic Valve

The BERMAD FP/FS-400Y Torrent valve has been designed specifically for the fire protection industry, with an emphasis on rugged reliability and high performance to comply with the most demanding standards.

The BERMAD 400Y is a straight-through, hydraulic, line pressure driven, elastomeric, rolling diaphragm globe valve approved for 25 bar/365 psi with an industry-leading flow capability. It is equally suited for vertical or horizontal installation and is available in pipe diameter sizes from 1½” to 16” (DN40 to DN400).

The BERMAD 400Y is designed for flow control in deluge, pressure control deluge, remote on-off, monitor remote control, pre-action systems, pressure reducing and pressure relief. It is excellent for all fluids used in fire protection systems, from fire-water supplies to foam solution, seawater, foam concentrate and other corrosive liquids. It can be manufactured from various materials and coatings to suit a wide range of specifications and hazardous locations. It is certified and approved to the latest fire protection standards.

The 400Y’s unique hydrodynamic straight through Y shaped design, with an unobstructed flow path, free from any supporting cage, in-line ribs, or shafts provides very high flow capabilities with minimal head/pressure loss. Providing resilient, drip-tight sealing, the internal design of the valve is based on innovative Vulcanized Radial Seal Disk technology (VRSD) that uses advanced rubber-based materials to achieve a solid, single-piece, elastomeric unit.

This is composed of a flexible, fiber-reinforced diaphragm vulcanized with a rugged, radial seal disk. It is hydraulically balanced and peripherally supported to avoid tension and protect the elastomers, resulting in long life and dependable actuation, even under harsh conditions. Quick in-line inspection and servicing is enabled by a detachable valve cover. The elastomeric assembly can easily be removed without taking the valve out of the line or removing the valve control trim.


  • Local valve position indicator beacon:

The valve can be equipped with a protective-covered, dual-color, quarter turn position indicator, readable from a distance of 50 meters.

  • Valve Limit Switches and position monitoring device:

A limit switch unit with dual SPDT limit switches enclosed in a protective switch box that can interface for monitoring any Fire & Gas control system. The switch box incorporates a dual-color visual position indicator.

  • Swivel Drain Valve unit:

Installation in confined spaces is facilitated by the 360 degree swivel ability of the drain valve connections.

  • Seat Insert:

The seat insert option is designed for applications where there is a high potential for cavitation damage. Specify this option for pressure control applications having high pressure differentials.


ON/OFF Operation
In the closed position (Fig 1a): The water pressure supplied through the priming line (2) is trapped in the control chamber (1) by the operating valve (3) pressing the seal disc (4) down and thereby sealing the valve and keeping the system piping dry. In the open position (Fig 1b): Pressure is released from the control chamber by way of the operating valve (3), which can be activated either electrically, hydraulically, pneumatically or manually. With no pressure in the control chamber


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