Bermad 735-55-M Surge Anticipating Control Valve



735-55-M – Surge Anticipating Control Valve with Solenoid Control

The Model 735-55-M Surge Anticipating Valve with Solenoid Control is an off-line, hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated valve. The valve immediately opens in direct response to any power failure, even prior to the pressure drop associated with abrupt pump stoppage. The pre-opened valve dissipates the returning high-pressure wave, eliminating the surge.

The Model 735-55-M—sensing line pressure—smoothly closes drip-tight as quickly as the relief feature allows, while preventing closing surge.

  • Eliminates surge in all pumping systems:
    • Booster &deep well, single & variable speed
  • Eliminates surge in all distribution networks:
    • Municipal, high-rise building, sewage, HVAC, irrigation
    • Difficult to maintain, remote locations, older systems


Replaces surge air vessels
    • Relieves surge, fall-safe open
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Economy of space
    • Lower investment and maintenance costs
    • Especially economic for higher pressure ratings
  • Solenoid controlled
    • Low cost wiring
    • Wide range of pressures
  • Line pressure driven
    • No motor required
    • Adjustable hydraulic actuation
  • Balanced seal disk - High flow capacity
  • In-line serviceable - Easy maintenance
  • Double chamber design
    • Moderated valve closing (no surges)
    • protected diaphragm

Major Additional Features

    • Sensing diaphragm (for sewage) - 735 - 55 - Md
    • Hydraulic override - 735 - 55 - 09 - M
    • Electric override for fire protection - FP - 730 - 59
    • Electrically selected multi-level settings - 735 - 45 - M
    • Quick pressure relief valve - 73Q



The abrupt stopping of a pump produces a pressure drop as the travelling column of water, with its inherent momentum, continues to travel along the line, generating severe low pressure. When the travelling column of water loses its momentum, it travels back towards the pump. Should it hit the closed check valve, a very high pressure surge is created and travels throughout the system as a damaging wave at velocities of up to "Mach 4".

NO quick relief valve can react quickly enough to eliminate it.


735-55-M – Surge Anticipating Control Valve 735-55-M – Surge Anticipating Control Valve Brochure