Bermad BE270 2 way Solenoid Valve



Bermad BE270 2 way Solenoid Valve

These 2-Way solenoid valves are pilot operated diaphragm type, requiring a minimum differential pressure to operate. They have an integrated pressure operated pilot valve, affording a high flow capacity. The solenoid valve’s design allows a small overall dimension with a relatively high flow-capacity. The solenoid coil is continuous duty design, with an epoxy molded or integral terminal box. These 2-Way solenoid valves are suitable for activating BERMAD Deluge valves, Pre-action Valves and other Water Control Valves.


  • UL-Listed for 25bar/365psi pressure rating
  • High flow capacity, 12 mm orifice
  • Internal pilot-operated
  • Stainless steel 316 body as standard
  • Integral terminal box
  • Ex d IIC T6 enclosure type 87


General Purpose, Model BE270-A-17

This solenoid valve is UL Listed in according with UL429A electrically operated valve for fire protection. It has an epoxy coated aluminum coil construction suitable for normal conditions and non-classified areas. Type 17 coil is equipped with integral terminal box including screw terminals, with ½” NPT cable entry. This solenoid valve is of continuous duty design with class H coil insulation, complete with 67 and US type 3, 3S, 4 ,4X, 6, 6P rated coil, the solenoid valve body is constructed of stainless steel 316 as standard. Certifications: UL-Listed to be installed on the selected fire protection deluge valve.


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