Bermad IR-430-XZ Pressure Sustaining Valve



Pressure Sustaining Valve IR-430-XZ

The Bermad Model IR-430-XZ Pressure Relief/Sustaining Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve. This valve sustains minimum preset upstream (back) pressure, regardless of fluctuating flow or varying downstream pressure. The pilot is a 3 way positioning product enabling the valve to go 100% wide open to minimize head loss when applicable.


  • ֺDownhill Supply Lines Emptying Prevention
  • Systems Subject to Varying Supply Pressure
  • Energy Saving Irrigation Systems
  • Pressure Zone Prioritizing
  • Line Fill-Up Control
  • Pump Overload and Cavitation Protection


  • 3-Way Hydraulic Actuated Pressure Sustaining Valve
    • Controls system fill-up
    • Sustains upstream line pressure
    • Opens fully upon line pressure rise
    • Prioritizes pressure zones
  • Advanced Globe Hydro-Efficient Design
    • Unobstructed flow path
    • Single moving part
    • High flow capacity
  • Fully Supported & Balanced Diaphragm
    • Requires low opening and actuation pressure
    • Excellent low flow regulation performance
    • Progressively restrains valve closing
    • Prevents diaphragm distortionֺ
  • User Friendly Design
    • Easy pressure setting
    • Simple in-line inspection and service



The Pressure Sustaining Pilot senses Upstream Pressure, and diverts line pressure into the Control Chamber should drop below setting. Pressure then accumulates in the control chamber causing the Valve to throttle closed, increasing to pilot setting.

The pilot releases accumulated pressure to the atmosphere when rise above setting, thereby causing the Valve to open. Should line pressure remain above setting - the Valve opens fully. The Manual Selector enables local

manual closing.


Pressure Sustaining Valve IR-430-XZ Pressure Sustaining Valve IR-430-XZ Brochure