Bermad PN10 MT series irrigation multijet water meter



Bermad PN10 MT series irrigation multijet water meter

The Bermad MT series multi-jet water meter is designed for totaling flow standard with pulse output.

The BarMeter MT-KD-P Multi-Jet Water Meter was designed to measure potable water.

♦ Working principle: while water passes through the water meter, several water jets make the impeller rotate. The impeller’s rotations are proportional to quantity of water passing through and magnetically transmitted to the register, in which the reading of the water meter takes place.

♦ Its solid and sturdy construction makes the BarMeter MT-KD-P Multi-Jet Water Meter suitable for various applications.

The BarMeter MT-KD-P Multi-Jet Water Meter ensures high sensitivity and accurate registration throughout a wide flow range.


  • Hermetically vacuum-sealed register 
  • Magnetic transmission 
  • Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection
  • High-flow accuracy and steady curve characteristics
  • Solid and robust design
  • High scratch resistant glass
  • Internal strainer
  • Minimum friction wear due to negligable impeller weight, bearing flushing and hard metals
  • External calibration
  • Rotating star for flow indication, electronic calibration on the test bench and leak detection
  • Internal Check valve - Optiona


MT-KD-P Water Meter with Reed Switch Option

  • The need to keep water sources under constant control, even where it is difficult to reach and read the water meter, has created a demand for systems that are capable of transmitting data to external data outlets, such as remote reading or control systems.
  • The Special Version MT-KD-P Water Meter can be equipped with a Reed Switch Pulser which may be connected to remote reading systems. The Reed Switch Pulser sends out electric signals per a preset water quantity.
  • The Special Version MT-KD-P comes in several model variations, which indicate different pulse rates. To choose the variation best suited to your needs, please consult the table below.


Bermad PN10 MT series irrigation multijet water meter