Bermad WW750-80-X Altitude Control Valve



WW750-80-X – Altitude Control Valve AS5081

The Model 750-80-X Level Control Valve is a hydraulically controlled, diaphragm actuated control valve that shuts off at pre-set reservoir high level and fully opens in response to an approximately 1m level drop. Drops are sensed by the 3-Way altitude pilot mounted on the main valve. If required, a secondary pilot can be added to increase level greater than 1m. It is the first valve of its design in Australia to be compliant and certified for inclusion in municipal water supply and building services.

  • High level reservoir & water tower
  • Energy cost critical systems
  • Systems with poor water quality
  • Inherent refrashing
  • Level sustaining at reservoir outlet


  • Line pressure driven - Independent operation
  • Bi - level altitude pilot
    • No float, simple installation
    • On/Off service
    • No cavitation damage
    • Suitable for low quality water
    • Reservoir inherent refreshing
  • Double chamber design
    • Moderated valve reaction
    • Protected diaphragm
  • External installation
    • Easy access to valve
    • Easy level setting
    • Less wear and tear
  • Balanced seal disk - High flow capacity
  • In-line serviceable - Easy maintenance
  • Flexible design - Easy addition of features

Major Additional Features

  • Modulating altitude control - 750 - 82
  • Pressure sustaining (for 750 - 80 X) - 753 - 80 - X
  • Pressure sustaining (for 750 - 82) - 753 - 82
  • Bi-directional flow - 750 - 87 X (780 - 70 -X)
  • Full powered opening and closing - 750 - 80 -B
  • Closing surge prevention - 750 - 80 -49
  • Bi-level altitude control - 750 - 86
  • Level sustaining with high sensitivity pilot - 75A - 83



The Model 750-80-X is a pilot controlled valve equipped with an adjustable, 3-Way attitude pilot. The pilot senses static head of the reservoir level via a tube connected to a "still point" at the bottom of the reservoir. Should static head rise to pilot setting, the pilot applies pressure to the upper control chamber via cook valve, powering the main valve to shut off. Should static head fall below pilot setting approximately 1m (3 ft), the pilot vents the upper control chamber, causing the main valve to fully open.

The 3-Way cock valve enables manual closing of the main valve

For 10" valves and larger, an accelerator quickens valve resonse.


WW750-80-X – Altitude Control Valve WW750-80-X – Altitude Control Valve Brochure