Oil and Diesel Fuel Pump Set

Customer: FK Gardner & Sons Group

Location: Rockhampton, QLD

Case Study ID: CS-23

Date: December 2013

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Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment have successfully installed and commissioned a specialised oil and diesel fuel pump set for Hastings Deering (Rockhampton) on behalf of the FK Gardner & Sons Group.

The project’s objective was to transfer large quantities of oil and diesel fuel as quickly and efficiently as possible from an onsite fuel store to the ‘Engine Dyno’ rooms.

The Problem

The oil supply had to be delivered at a minimum of 20L/min per hose reel, and the diesel fuel was to be transferred from bulk onsite storage tanks to smaller 1000L ‘day tanks’ – then transferred directly to the ‘Engine Dyno’ rooms.

Our Solution

To supply the oil at 20 L/min per hose reel and transport the oil from bulk onsite storage tanks to smaller ‘day tanks’ Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment recommended Wilden Air Pumps to transport it.

Key Components & Features

  • Fuel transfer is triggered via ultrasonic level sensors, which tell the pumps to start once a minimum level is reached; once the maximum level is reached, pumps automatically switch off.
  • Wilden Air Pumps were used to transfer both the oil and diesel fuel to the ‘Engine Dyno’ rooms.
  • Specialised poly pipe was used for the diesel lines – this particular poly pipe utilises a durable internal lining to handle diesel fuel.
  • Existing onsite pipes were used to transport oil to supply the oil reels in the ‘Engine Dyno’ rooms.

Brands used in this project