Portable Packaged Potable Water Treatment Plants

Customer: SAE – South American Exploration

Location: Papua New Guinea

Case Study ID: CS-86

Date: April 2010

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Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment supplied and commissioned a number of portable potable water treatment plants for the South American Exploration company across various locations in Papua New Guinea.

The Problem

SAE required the water produced to be clean and bacteria, virus and pathogen-free as it needs to be potable grade water to be used for the drinking, cooking, washing and showering requirements at field exploration sites. They needed one 20.0 KL / day plant for use in the main exploration base camp and forty 20.0 LPM plants to be used by seismic camp crews.

Our Solution

The base camp system is made of a skid mounted, caged, and lockable system capable of treating up to 20.0 KL / day of river water to potable drinking standard and consists of a raw water pump, a bag filter for coarse filtration, ultrafiltration (UF) for filtration to <0.2 microns, carbon filtration for taste, odour and organic removal, chlorine dosing for disinfection and a treated water supply pump.

The seismic camp system consists of a wire caged system consisting of a raw water pump, dual 20 and 5-micron sediment cartridge filters and carbon filter cartridge, and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection for water sterilisation.

Key Components

Designed and supplied using robust construction methods to enable helicopter drop-off in the arduous Papua New Guinean operating conditions. Off the shelf, components were utilised to facilitate easy servicing and spare part replacements. The WTPs supplied have minimal operator requirements.

  • Skid Mounted & Caged
  • Raw Water Pump
  • Carbon Filter
  • Bag Filter
  • UV Ultrafiltration
  • Chlorine Dosing System

Brands used in this project