Remote Agricultural Solar Pump System

Customer: Appleton Pastoral Company

Location: Alpha, QLD

Case Study ID: CS-16

Date: April 2015

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Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment are proud to promote the latest innovations and energy savings available via our professionally engineered solar pumping systems for the farm or homestead. Appleton Pastoral Company (a Queensland Beef Cattle Enterprise with several properties across Central Queensland) purchased a solar pumping system to manage their onsite stock water reserves.

The Problem

The system was required to pump from Appleton Pastoral Company‚Äôs new dam to a turkey’s nest holding dam (geographically located at the top of a significant elevated ridge in Alpha). The system pumps on average 100,000L / day @ 20m total head. From the turkey’s nest, the stock water then gravity feeds several kilometres down the elevated ridge to troughs and other water tanks located throughout the property.

Our Solution

Appleton Pastoral Company chose a Dowdens professionally engineered Solar Pumping System to manage their stock water as it is simply the most cost-effective, reliable and low maintenance option available.

The 1500 W solar array mounted on a two-post gas tracking array (allowing the photovoltaic panels to track the sun from East to West each day). The post gas tracking array uses the weight transfer of liquid in two cylinders to track the sun, unlike other electric powered tracking arrays.

The pump installed was a Grundfos SQFlex Centrifugal Pump, which floats in the new dam. This unit is capable of pumping 100,000 L per day. The Grundfos SQflex range of pumps come with 240v back-up if required, built-in dry run protection and a helical rotor option for higher heads (used for bore applications).

Key Components

  • 1500 Watt Solar Array
  • Gas Sun Tracking Array
  • Grundfos SQFlex Centrifugal Pump

Brands used in this project