Remote Solar Pump Installation

Customer: SIMLA Station

Location: Coppabella, QLD

Case Study ID: CS-18

Date: August 2014

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Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment are proud to be promoting the latest innovations and energy savings available via our professionally engineered solar pumping systems for the farm or homestead. In line with this campaign, Dowdens have designed, built, installed and commissioned a solar pumping system for a cattle station located in Coppabella, QLD.

The Problem

SIMLA Station required a solar system to help run their pumping equipment more sustainably and cost-effectively.

Our Solution

The Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment crew installed 16 solar panels fixed to 2 solar arrays, each capable of producing 200 W via the eight photovoltaic solar panels on each array. The pump draws the onsite water from a 66 m deep, 125 mm bore. The water pumped from the bore is then transferred via a poly pipe to the station homestead and cattle yards over 2 km away.

Key Components

  • The pump unit installed is capable of pumping 4,500L per hour.
  • Solar Pump system equipped with automatic switching to AC generator backup power if no DC power is available from the solar array.
  • Controller equipped with TRIP contact – enabling the flow switch to detect dry run conditions and protect the motor.
  • Pump Soft Start Feature to prevent water hammer and increase system life.