Specialised Portable Dust Suppression Unit

Customer: G&S Engineering

Location: Mackay, QLD

Case Study ID: CS-26

Date: February 2014

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G&S Engineering Services is a local Mackay business that offers total structural, mechanical, and electrical solutions throughout the entire life cycle of major equipment and infrastructure assets, from construction and maintenance through to final decommissioning.

Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment were engaged to design and build a Specialised Portable Dust Suppression Unit for G&S Engineering to help with dust suppression at their local Mackay engineering facility.

The Problem

G&S Engineering operates a closed-loop Water Treatment System at their engineering workshop in Mackay. There was a need to remove the treated water from the system intermittently. G&S are unable to discharge this treated water into the local sewer or stormwater drainage system.

Our Solution

Dowdens came up with the idea of using the treated water for dust suppression via a unit that could easily be lifted by forklift and placed on a ute or truck tray. The dust suppression unit can be operated from within the cab by the driver and easily sources power from any vehicle battery. 

Before delivering the unit, Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment undertook extensive servicing of the closed-loop Water Treatment System to ensure the water being discharged was safe.

The unit chosen can be operated from any 12V car battery and remotely driver-operated from within the vehicle’s cab. It has a built-in shutdown system that prevents the dry running of the unit’s two pumps. It is compact, light and easy to transport – fits any standard ute or tray backed vehicle.

Brands used in this project