Davey 24060P Supercell Hydro-Pneumatic Water Pressure Tank



Used as storage units for water under pressure in household, farm, or industrial applications, Pressure Tanks are an important consideration for solving the problem where pumps cycle on/off, which can prematurely burn pumps out.

Pressure tanks also allow for a pre-determined amount of water to be supplied before the pump starts, helping to halt water hammer issues.

With an enamel finish steel cell, Davey Supercell pressure tanks ensure a long life and protection against rusting and the effects of UV light.


  • Storage units for water under pressure in household
  • Farm or industrial water pressure systems
  • Hydronic heating system expansion tanks
  • Water hammer arrestor systems and mains water toilet flushing systems


Captive diaphragm held firmly in a central position:

  • Less movement allowing the use of a thicker reinforced diaphragm material than a bag or bladder tank for longer life.

Heavy duty butyl diaphragm meets all major worldwide requirements for potable water applications:

  • Safe, non-toxic

Safe potable grade virgin polypropylene liner seals the water from the tank shell:

  • Longer life
  • Specific wear areas reinforced for longer life

Deep drawn steel shell with appliance like 2 part polyurethane enamel finish and epoxy primer:

  • Protected against rusting & the effects of UV light for long life

Patented stainless steel water connection:

  • Long life even in less than perfect water conditions
  • Seals water and air chambers ensuring a complete leak free and maintenance free pressure vessel

Every tank is individually tested:

  • Guaranteed reliable operation

Compliance with the strict requirements of ISO 9001, NSF Standard 61, CE/PED, WRAS, ACS, Watermark and Gost quality standards:

  • Consistent product quality
  • Assurance of acceptance by plumbing regulators



Model 24008P, 24018P, 24040P, 24060P 24018HPH16, 24080PHP16 24100P
Maximum operating pressure 1000 kPa (145 psi) 1600 kPa (232 psi) 1000 kPa (145 psi)
Maximum water temperature 90°C / 194°F 90°C / 194°F 90°C / 194°F
Minimum water temperature -10°C / 14°F -10°C / 14°F -10°C / 14°F
Tank air pre-charge 190 kPa 400 kPa 140 kPa



Tank shell Steel
Tank finish Epoxy primed with 2 part polyurethane enamel
Diaphragm Butyl rubber - FDA approval
Tank inner liner Virgin polypropylene
Tank inlet Stainless steel with patented design



Davey 24060P Supercell Pressure Tanks Brochure Davey 24060P Supercell Pressure Tanks Brochure