Davey 5210YE HP Diesel Engine Driven Firefighter Pump

5210YE HP


Help protect your property and your family with a Davey Firefighter®. Davey's high quality, reliable fire pumps are in demand all over the world. Don't wait for an emergency, get prepared with a Firefighter right now.

Our partnerships with leading engine manufacturers Honda (petrol driven) and Yanmar (diesel driven), ensures our designs are performance matched to their engines and start first time, every time.


  • Firefighting
  • Tank filling
  • Irrigation
  • Garden watering
  • Water transfer
  • Crop spraying



All models (except 5110YE) feature patented clamped impeller design to enable longer impeller life, improved performance and easier disassembly in the case of blockage.

Model 5110YE feature heavy duty sand cast impellers. Thrust balanced impeller design to extend engine life. Pump casing, diffusers and impellers manufactured from quality corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium for long life.

4 way discharge port for L70 equipped models and 3 way discharge for L100 equipped models providing easy installation with a choice of plumbing sizes. Epoxy coated pump casing, exterior and interior, for added corrosion resistance.

Patented floating impeller neckrings front and back. The front neckring helps improve pumping efficiency, the back neckring helps extend seal life and dramatically reduce engine wear.

Self priming from up to 5m at 3000rpm for more versatile installation options.

Large priming and drain port with bayonet fit plugs. Plugs have a safety retention system and are available with 1/4" tapping to accept pressure gauges or drain cocks.

All engines feature cast iron cylinder bore for long life. Electric start models have electric starter (battery, battery mount and leads required) and recoil starter fitted ensuring a choice of starting methods, even if the battery is flat or removed.

Viton seal and oring kit available for herbicide/insecticide spraying.

Attractive baked enamel roll frame with anti-vibration mounts for ease of transportation and installation

Electric Start models

  • Battery not included
  • Minimum 12 volt battery required :
    • L70: 24-36AH
    • L100: 36-45AH



Flow capacities to 800 lpm
Maximum total head 92m
Maximum suction lift 7m
Minimum water temperature 1ºC
Minimum suction pipe size L70 = 11 /2", L100 = 2"
Suction pipe strainer Required
Inlet size L70 = 11 /2" BSP(M) L100 = 2" BSP(M)
Outlet sizes L70 2 x 1 1 /2" BSP(M)
2 x 1" BSP(M)
Outlet sizes L100 1 x 2" BSP(M)
2 x 1" BSP(M)
Outlet sizes Priming port 1 x 11 /2" BSP(M)



5170Y/YE & 5270Y/YE 5110YE & 5210YE
Engine brand Yanmar Yanmar
Engine Model L70 L100
Engine Type Diesel Diesel
Displacement (cc) 296 406
Fuel Tank (litres) 3.5 5.5
Oil Capacity (litres) 1.1 1.65
Compression Ratio 19.5:1 19.3:1
Air Filter Type Dry element Dry element
Spark Arrestor No No
Approx. fuel consumption @ full load @ 3600 rpm 1.6 l/hr 2.5 l/hr
dBa @ 7m @ 3600 rpm @ full load 80.5 82.5



Suction cover Marine grade aluminium (AS605)
Diffuser Marine grade aluminium (AS605)
Impeller Marine grade aluminium (AS605)
Casing / yoke Marine grade aluminium (AS605)
Mechanical seal Carbon / cerami
4 way discharge Marine grade aluminium (AS605)
Casing bolts Zinc plated stee
Yoke bolts Stainless stee
Flap valve / seal ring Zinc body, hytrel seal
Neck ring, priming and drain plug Glass filled nylon
Casing, priming and drain plug o-ring Nitrile rubber
Discharge gasket Hytre
Paint finish Baked polyester powder coat



All Davey Diesel models (except 5210YE/HP) are set with governors at 3000rpm “out of box” speed. At this speed the pump will not overload the engine under a variety of continuous pumping conditions, such as:

  • Pumping fresh water Ambient temperature up to 40ºC Humidity up to 50% Altitude up to 200 metres above sea level
  • Pumping fresh water Ambient temperature up to 30ºC Humidity up to 70% Altitude up to 400 metres above sea level

The performance curves below indicate the safe continuous pumping limits (solid curve) at a variety of speeds. The intermittent duty performance (dotted curve) is applicable ONLY for short periods.


These Diesel powered pumps are intended for portable applications. The use of long range fuel tanks is discouraged, since proper maintenance schedules are unlikely to be followed when such tanks are installed.

Care must be taken to ensure the operator is fully briefed on safe operation of these pump units, especially in regards to the daily engine maintenance requirements.


A number of shut down and automatic control units are available as factory fitted accessories for electric start models.

All ACD and ACP control units (except ACD-KS)

come complete in a weatherproof metal enclosure.

Fitment of the Automatic Controllers requires removal of the fuel tank, which is re-installed onto the engine.

Auxillary Fuel Tank - Should an auxilary fuel tank be required, this must be installed at or above the original tank height. The tank must also be equipped with a suitable 5 micron or finer filter system. The engine will still require regular maintenance of oil and air cleaners as per the engine operation manual.

Controllers - Are supplied loose for adjacent remote mounting with pump unit.


Now standard on all electric start engines. Allows the key starting and stopping of LN series engines - ideal for truck mounted pump units etc.


Engine shutdown system which includes all the features of the ACDEC150, plus a pressure transducer for shutdown on hi/lo pump pressure.


Automatic start/stop controller with all the protection features of the ACD-EC150TP, plus the ability to start and stop via an inbuilt time clock, or other external controls (e.g. irrigation controller, pressure switch)


Self priming pumps work best when operated at higher speeds. The Yanmar diesel engines are set at 3000rpm “out of box” (except 5210YE/HP). They may be adjusted to 3600rpm, but care must be taken regarding overloading at this speed. In normal operating conditions, where the pump is able to evacuate the air properly, the self priming times through a 40mm suction hose will be

Depth (metres) Speed (rpm)
Time (seconds)
1 3000 30
1 3600 20
2 3000 90
2 3600 50
3 3000 110
3 3600 80




Davey 5210YE-HP Diesel Engine Driven Firefighter Pump Brochure Davey 5210YE-HP Diesel Engine Driven Firefighter Pump Brochure

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