Hayward AquaNaut 450 Pool Cleaner



AquaNaut's ® 450 SUCTION CLEANER

AquaNaut's patented technologies are designed to deliver a thorough clean for pools of all shapes, sizes and flow rates.*

Experience the most complete clean with AquaNaut® 450 suction pool cleaners from Hayward.® AquaNaut features patented self-adjusting variable vanes, known as V-Flex™ technology, that maximize power at almost any flow and allows for easy passage of large debris.

No matter the pool surface, AquaNaut 450 maneuver with patented robust tyres and an adjustable roller skirt that maintains optimal suction, even when encountering obstacles.

Service and maintenance is simple—better still, you’ll rest assured knowing that AquaNaut 450’s durable design is backed by Hayward’s network of reliable service centers.


Featuring Patented V-Flex Variable Vane Technology

Handles larger debris without clogging.

  • The patented self-adjusting variable vanes of AquaNaut V-Flex technology provide maximum power at almost any flow (perfect for use with variable-speed pumps), and eliminates clogs by allowing large debris to pass easily through the cleaner.

Available in 4-wheel drive.

  • While AquaNaut 250 is perfectly suited for average-sized pools, AquaNaut 450 cleans larger pools completely and efficiently. Its 4-wheel drive capability maintains maximum power in pools up to 6m x 12m or pools with deep ends.

Expertly navigates any surface.

  • Patented robust tyre treads provide superior climbing power and obstacle maneuverability - especially main drains.

Maintains constant suction

  • AquaNaut's patented adjustable roller skirt maintains optimal suction on uneven surfaces.

Robust design built for a reliable clean.

End-to-end cleaning.

  • Multiple pre-programmed steering sequences ensure that AquaNaut covers both deep and shallow ends equally, including walls.**

Optimal suction at almost any flow.

  • Three easily interchangeable throats improve suction performance at lower flow and allow larger debris to pass. As such, AquaNaut is ideal for use with variable-speed pumps.



AquaNaut 250 2-Wheel Drive Suction Cleaner PHS22CSVHBA 250
AquaNaut 450 4-Wheel Drive Suction Cleaner PHS42CSVHBA 450


Hose Length 10m 12m
Pool Size 4.7m X 9.5m Up to 6m X 12m or pools with deep ends
Pool Surface Concrete, Vinyl, Fiberglass,* Tile,* Pebble Concrete, Vinyl, Fiber-glass,* Tile,* Pebble
Minimum Pump Size 132L/min 132L/min
Drive Sequence 2.4m to 3m 3.3m to 4.3m
Warranty 2 years 2 years


Hayward AquaNaut 450 Pool Cleaner Brochure Hayward AquaNaut 450 Pool Cleaner Brochure