Dowdens Completes 5 Megalitre Clear Water Reservoir

Isaac Regional Council in conjunction with Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment completes the design and construction of a 5 Megalitre Clear Water Reservoir at the Clermont Water Treatment Plant.


Isaac Regional Council (IRC) required the construction of a new 5 ML Clear Water reservoir to supplement the existing 3Ml clear water tank on a brownfield site located at the Clermont Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Clermont, Queensland. The new reservoir is in response to an increase in water storage demand due to population and industry growth.

Below are photos of the construction phase.


Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment were contracted by Isaac Regional Council for process modelling and a new 5ML Balance Tank and associated interconnecting piping to be integrated into the existing Water Treatment Plant.

Below are photos of the opening day run by the Isaac Regional Council

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Dowdens have an experienced team capable of everything from feasibility studies and risk assessments to construction, installation and commissioning of every project undertaken.

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