Marani Hard Hose Irrigator Install

Dowdens Irrigation Team Installs Marani Hard Hose Irrigator

The Dowdens Agricultural team in Mackay recently completed the install and commissioning of a brand new Rodney Industries  Marani Poly Reel Irrigation System. This particular machine was purchased with a 500m x 140mm poly hose that is manufactured to resist heavy drags and high pressure. Dowdens Ag Rep, Jeff Roberts and the highly experienced installation team got this machine up and running in no time.

Chris Schriha from Bolden Hills purchased the Mirani ITS090C and was happy to share his experience with the Dowden’s Ag team on why he purchased the irrigator for his business. 

Q: “Mr Scriha, why did you purchase this particular irrigator from Dowdens and not anywhere else?”

“Time was of the essence and Dowdens had one available at the time. I have always done business with Dowdens previously as they provide a great service.”

Q: “How would you rate the service and expertise from start to finish with the purchase?”

“The Service was very good and the set-up of the machine ran very smoothly. The service team didn’t leave until everything was running properly and we knew how to work the computer with every question answered.”

Q. “Would you buy another one and why?”

“I Would buy another one as they are good quality and all galvanized so they should last a long time.”

Q. “Is the machine running as you expected it to be?”

“The machine is running better than expected, it’s putting on more water than our older machine.”

The Marani Poly Reel Irrigation System offers our customers a fourth-generation turbine, with a built-in bypass and is flanged directly to a gearbox making the system very reliable from a performance standpoint.

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