Tsurumi PU Series 0.4KW Three Phase Submersible Vortex Pump



The PU-series is a submersible vortex pump designed for raw sewage, wastewater, and liquid carrying solid matter. It is made of resin and 304 stainless steel and excellent in corrosion-resistance.

The vortex mechanism provides practically unchokable operation in sewage pumping. Liquid paraffin is used for the lubricating oil, which widens the application of the pump to decorative waterfalls, fishponds, aquaculture, etc.

Practical Design Providing Excellent Corrosion Resistance and Durability

1. Anti-wicking Cable Entry

Prevents water incursion due to capillary action should the cable sheath be damaged or the end of cable submerged. Also prevents moist air from infiltrating the motor housing and condensation from forming inside the housing due to temperature differences between the housing and outside air.

2. Motor Protector

Miniature Thermal Protector
(0.4 kW and below of single-phase motor)
Detects excess heat, therefore, protecting the pump against overheating and dry-running.

Circle Thermal Protector
Directly cuts the motor circuit if excessive heat builds up or overcurrent occurs in the motor.

3. Dual Inside Mechanical Seals with Silicon Carbide Face

Isolated in the oil chamber where a clean, non-corrosive and abrasion-free lubricating environment is maintained.
Compared with the water-cooled outside mechanical seal, it reduces the risk of failure caused by dry-heating and adhering matter. The silicon carbide provides 5 times higher corrosion, wear and heat resistance than the tungsten carbide.


Model Discharge Motor Starting Solids Phase
50PU2.4 50 0.4 D.O.L. 35 3 Phase


Tsurumi PU Series Pumps Brochure