Bermad FP730 Pressure-Relief Valve



Bermad FP730 Pressure-Relief Valve

The Bermad Model 730-UL/FM pilot-operated valve prevents over-pressure, maintaining a constant preset system pressure over a wide range of flow, regardless of changing demands


  • Hydraulically powered valve seal design
    • Closes drip-tight time after time
    • Eliminates jamming problems
  • Hydro-efficient body design
    • Wide rangeability
    • Unrestricted flow path
  • Double-chambered unitized actuator
    • Easy, inline inspection ensures minimal down time
    • Quick and smooth valve action



The BERMAD Model FP 730-UF remains closed as long as the sensed inlet pressure is lower than the adjustable set point. When the Pressure Relief Pilot senses inlet pressure that is higher than the pilot setting, it acts upon the control chamber causing the main valve to modulate open, relieveing excess pressure to either the reservoir or sump, thus preventing system over pressure. The Pressure Relief Pilot is equipped with an adjusting screw to preset the desired inlet pressure and an integral adjustable needle valve to control the main valve closing speed. The valve’s unique design quick reaction to system demand and keeps pressure loss at a minimum. The control system is equipped with a control strainer.


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