Bermad IR-423 Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve



Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve IR-423

The Bermad Model IR-423 Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve with two independent functions. It sustains minimum preset upstream pressure regardless of fluctuating flow or varying downstream pressure, and it prevents downstream pressure from rising above maximum preset, regardless of fluctuating flow or excessive upstream pressure.


  • Downhill Supply Lines
    • Downhill Supply Lines
    • Higher Pressure Zone Prioritizing.
    • Lower Pressure Zone Protection
  • Line Fill-Up Control
  • Pump Overload and Cavitation Protection
  • Deep Well Pump Drawdown Compensation


  • Line Pressure Driven PRV and PSV
    • Prioritizes higher pressure zones
    • Protects lower pressure zones
    • Controls system fill-up
    • Prevents pipeline emptying
    • Protects pump from overload and cavitation
    • Compensates during groundwater drawdown
  • Advanced Globe Hydro-Efficient Design
    • Unobstructed flow path
    • Single moving part
    • Single moving part.
  • Fully Supported & Balanced Diaphragm
    • Requires low actuation pressure
    • Excellent low flow regulation performance
    • Progressively restrains valve closing
    • Prevents diaphragm distortion
  • User Friendly Design
    • Easy pressure setting
    • Simple in-line inspection and service


The Needle Valve continuously allows line pressure into the

Control Chamber. The Pressure Sustaining Pilot (PSP) and the Pressure Reducing Pilot (PRP) together control outflow from the control chamber. The PSP throttles when Upstream Pressure drops below setting. Pressure then accumulates in the control chamber causing the Valve to throttle closed maintaining at pilot setting. The pilot releases the accumulated pressure through the held open PRP when rise above setting, thereby causing the Valve to modulate open.

The PRP throttles if Downstream Pressure rises above setting, stopping valve from opening, and preventing from rising above PRP setting.


Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve IR-423 Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve IR-423 Brochure