Bermad IR-970-MO-KVZ Flow Control Valve



Bermad IR-970-MO-KVZ Flow Control Valve

The BERMAD Model IR-970-M0-KVZ integrates a vertical turbine Woltman-type water meter with a diaphragm actuated hydraulic control valve. Serving as Flow Meter and Main Valve, it controls irrigation together with the irrigation controller.

The BERMAD Hydrometer limits the flow to a constant preset maximum. An optional configuration on the valve is to have a battery powered electronic register, which displays both totalising flow and instant rate of flow.


  • Computerized Irrigation Systems
  • Remote Flow Data Read-Out
  • Flow Monitoring & Leakage Control
  • Multiple Independent Consumer Systems
  • Line Fill-Up Control Solutions
  • Distribution Centers


  • Integrated "All-in-One" Control Valve
    • Saves space, cost and maintenance
  • Hydraulic Pressure Control
    • Line pressure driven
    • Limits fill-up rate and consumer over-demand
  • Magnetic Drive with Vacuum-Sealed Register
    • Water-free gear train mechanism
    • Reed-switch and Opto pulse-generating modes
    • Various pulse combinations
  • Internal Inlet & Outlet Flow Straighteners
    • Saves on straightening distances
    • Maintains accuracy
  • Integrated Flow Metering Calibration Device
  • Paddle-Type Hydro-Mechanical Flow Pilot
    • No added head loss
    • Wide setting range
  • Simple In-Line Inspection and Service



The Hydrometer continuously transmits flow data to the irrigation controller. The Paddle Flow Pilot commands the Hydrometer to throttle closed should demand rise above setting, and to modulate open when demand drops below setting. The Manual Selector enables local manual closing.


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