Bermad IR-A10 Automatic PN12 Air Release Valve



Bermad IR-A10 Automatic PN12 Air Release Valve

BERMAD A10 is a high quality automatic air release valve that allows efficient release of air pockets from pressurized pipe lines. With its advanced design this valve provides excellent protection against air accumulation with impr ed sealing in low pressure conditions.


  • Irrigation Control Heads: Protection against air accumulation at filtration and fertilization stations and downstream of main control valves.
  • ֺ Infield Systems: Protection against air accumulation near water meters and automatic regulators.
  • ֺ Landscape Irrigation: Protection against air accumulation


  • Large diameter automatic orifice: Higher flow rates.
  • ֺDynamic sealing: Prevents leakage under low pressure conditions(1.5 psi; 0.1 bar).
  • ֺThe boss on the base can be tapped with a thread for pressure gauge connection, check point or test drain for air valve function.
  • ֺ Compact, simple and reliable structure whose parts are fully corrosion, chemical and fertilizer resistant: Lower maintenance and increased life span.
  • ֺFactory approval and Quality Control: Performance and specification tested and measured with specialized test bench.


  • Pressure Rating: 175 psi; ISO PN10 or ISO PN12
  • ֺMinimum operating pressure: 1.5 psi; 0.1 bar
  • ֺMaximum operating pressure: 150 psi; 10 bar, 175 psi; 12 bar
  • ֺMedia and operating temperature: Water, 33-140°F; 1-60°c


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