Bermad Smart Bluetooth Irrigation Valve



Smart Bluetooth Irrigation Valve “GreenApp”

The BERMAD GreenApp™ is a smart, flexible, easy to use, Bluetooth single station irrigation controller integrated with a solenoid actuator for easy and compact installation on any control valve. Your gardening and irrigation just got so much easier. With the BERMAD GreenApp™, you can connect to a free (Android and iOS) user-friendly app, and manage your irrigation from your smart-phone or tablet. Available with a maximum of 4 starts per day and a maximum run time of 8 hours.

You can download the App to your smart phone on the following links under Downloads.


  • Drip, sprinkles and micro-sprinklers agriculture plots valves
  • Drip, sprinklers and micro-sprinklers landscape irrigation systems
  • Irrigation or flowerpots and window boxes
  • Rooftops and balconies systems
  • Public, and traffic islands landscaping


  • ֺ Easy to install, simple to operate
    • Install the valve – the controller is already included
    • Intuitive - intuitive app provides easy programming
  • Perfect solution for hidden or underground box installation
    • Change settings using the app from 10-30m; 30-90f
    • No wires and no screen – keypad is in your pocket
    • Fully water protected IP68
    • Durable in all environment conditions
  • ֺ Low power consumption
    • Two standard replaceable 1.5v AA batteries
    • Bluetooth 4.0 communication require ultra-low energy
    • Up to three years of continuous operation
  • Irrigation cycles control by days and hours
    • Irrigation duration from 1 minute to 24 hours
    • Weekly and cyclical programming
    • Option of naming and managing multiple controllers
  • Manual operations
    • TRIO 3-position Manual override: Open, Automatic, Close
    • Manual setting of valve maximum flow


DN ½”-12 ¾”-20 1”-25 1½”-40 2”-50
mm 66 110 110 160 170
mm 135 150 150 215 225
W mm 42 78 78 125 125


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