Bermad WW700 – C1 / C2 Anti-Cavitation Valve



Bermad WW700 – C1 / C2 Anti-Cavitation Valve

The Bermad Model 700-C1/C2 Anti-Cavitation Control Valve is designed to operate under high differential pressure conditions without suffering cavitation damage. The valves can be supplied with either a single cage or a double cage dependent on the level of cavitation protection required.

Eliminates cavitation damage

  • High differential pressure operation n Reduces noise and vibration
  • Excellent control at near zero flow n Drip tight sealing
  • In-line serviceable
  • Possible retrofit of 700 & 800 valves


Main Valve: The main valve shall be a center guided, diaphragm actuated globe valve of either oblique (Y) or angle pattern design. The body shall have a replaceable, raised, stainless steel seat cage. The body and cover shall be ductile iron. All valve components shall be accessible and serviceable without removing the valve from the pipeline.

Actuator: The actuator assembly shall be double chambered with an inherent separating partition between the lower surface of the diaphragm and the main valve. The entire actuator assembly (seal disk to top cover) shall be removable from the

valve as an integral unit. The stainless steel valve shaft shall be center guided by a bearing in the separating partition. The replaceable radial seal disk shall include a resilient seal.

Anti Cavitation Feature: The anti-cavitation trim shall include two parts: A cavitation Seat-Cage as a part of the valve body assembly and a Cavitation Sleeve as a part of the seal disc assembly. Both parts shall include a set of equally spaced radial holes around its circumference. The anti-cavitation trim construction material shall be Stainless Steel.

Quality Assurance: The valve manufacturer shall be certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standard. The main valve shall meet ANSI/AWWA Standard C530-07 and be certified as a complete drinking water valve according to NSF, WRAS, and other recognized standards

  • Pressure Reduction
  • Pressure Relief
  • Level Control
  • Flow Contro


  • Maximum differential pressure: 25 bar ; 350 psi
  • Minimum downstream pressure: Atmospheric pressure n Recommended flow velocity: 3 m/sec; 10 ft/sec
  • Maximum flow velocity: 5.5 m/sec; 18 ft/sec
  • Water Temperature: Up to 80oC; 180oF
  • Consult factory for operating conditions exceeding the above.
  • Specify: Inlet/Outlet Pressures, flow rate, pipe diameter & valve function


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