Bermad WW718-03 Electronic Control Valve



WW718-03 – Electronic Control Valve AS5081 / Watermark

The Model 718-03 Electronic Control Valve combines the advantages of an excellent modulating, line pressure driven, hydraulic control valve with the advantages of electronic control. This valve responds to signals from the electronic controller Bermad BE (optional), by changing its opening position according to the set values programmed into the controller.

  • Pressure control
  • Flow control
  • Leakage control
  • Level control
  • Temperature control
  • Mixture control at mixing junction


  • Line pressure driven
    • Independent operation
  • Solenoid Controlled
    • Wide ranges of pressures and voltages
    • Low power consumption
    • Normally Open, Normally Closed or last position
  • Electronic Controller compatible
    • Local power consumption
    • Wide ranges of pressures and voltages
    • Data logging
  • In-line serviceable - Easy maintenance
  • Double chamber
    • Non-slam opening and closing characteristics
    • Protected diaphragm
    • Full powered opening and closing
  • Semi-straight flow - Smooth flow characteristics
  • Flexible design - Easy addition of of features
  • Major Additional Features
    • Relief override - 718 - 03 - 3Q
    • Full powered opening & closing - 718 - 03 -B
    • Downstream over pressure guard - 718 - 03 - 48
    • Check feature - 718 - 03 -20
    • Flow-over-the-seat (fail-safe-close) - 718 - 03 -O


The Model 718-03 is a Electronic Control Valve equipped with two 2-way solenoid pilots. The interaction between the two solenoids determines the required opening as signaled by the dedicated electronic controller (optional Bermad BE) The upstream solenoid applies pressure to the upper control chamber harnessing valve differential pressure to power the diaphragm actuator to a more closed position. The downstream solenoid vents upper control chamber pressure in a more open main valve. Needle valves control the closing and opening speed of the valve. The position can be provided by either an optional limit switch, or an analog transducer. In cases where pipeline water is contaminated (corrosive, debris laden) external control fluid is often used.


WW718-03 – Electronic Control Valve Brochure WW718-03 – Electronic Control Valve Brochure