DAB Rainsaver MK4E Change Over Device & DAB E.SYBOX



DAB Rainsaver MK4E Change Over Device & DAB E.SYBOX

E.syline, a complete line of electronic booster pump solutions that redefines the rules of residential water pressurisation. With two models, e.syline is a series of fully integrated pump systems and accessories. Designed to create a modular and flexible solution that meets a wide range of applications: from a small residence to a large complex of apartments


DAB Rainsaver MK4E Change Over Device & DAB E.SYBOX

  • Rainsaver MK4E Changeover Device.
  • 2 Year Rainsaver MK4E Infield Warranty
  • Designed to operate with pumps up to 800kPa.
  • 100L/m flow.
  • 12V Low voltage Float.
  • WaterMark approved for connection to all town water supplies.
  • Aesthetically designed and requires no weather proofing.
  • IP33
  • For self controlled pumps up to 1.5hp, 1.1kW, 240V.

e.sybox is an integrated system for water pressure boosting in domestic and residential applications.Consists of self-priming multistage pump, electronics for control and management, pressure and flowsensors, a high-resolution LCD orientable display and integrated expansion vessel of 2 litres.


  • Energy efficient
  • It can be installed in vertical or horizontal position, in a ventilated room or in a recess
  • Quiet operation - 45 dB in standard use
  • Saves 30% of space in comparison with a traditional system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wireless device to facilitate the creation of pressure booster sets and for connection to other devices


Brand DAB Rainsaver
Product Type
Pressure System
Suitable For
Rainwater Harvesting
6.1 Bar
Approved For Drinking Water
Flow Range Category
b. 100 - 199 L/min
Flow Rate (L/min)
120 L/min
2.1 Hp
kPa 618 kPa
Kilo Watts 1.55 kW
Head Range Category c. 60 - 99 m
Max Head (m) 61 m
Taps 2 Taps
Volts 240 V
Watts 1550 W


 Bianco Rainsaver MK4E Change Over Device & DAB E.SYBOX

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