Grundfos Jet 4-47 PT Pump

JP 4-47 PT-V


JP PT-V is a booster that consists of a vertical pressure tank and a self-priming, single-stage centrifugal pump. JP PT-V is designed for various garden and domestic applications.

Suitable for:

  • Attic
  • Bathroom
  • Domestic ground water intake
  • Domestic water pressure boosting
  • Domestic rainwater harvesting


Grundfos JP 4-47 PT-V consist of a Grundfos JP pump, a pressure switch, a pressure gauge and a Grundfos GT-H 18-litre vertical diaphragm pressure tank. The pressure tank reduces water hammer in the pipework.

The JP 4-47 PT-V provides the comfort of constant water pressure with automatic start and stop. This is controlled by the pressure switch and pressure tank combined ensuring optimal start/stop of the booster set according to demand. The pressure tank limits the number of start/stop routines, as water stored in the tank can be used without starting the pump in cases of low water consumption or leakage loss. The cut-in pressure is set to 2.2 bar.

The design is robust and built upon corrosion-free materials to ensure a long lifetime. This booster set ensures optimum self-priming properties, featuring a suction-lift up to 8 meters. The self-priming pump also ensures a stable operation as is it able to lift liquid from below the inlet level and can handle a mix of air and liquid until the pump reaches a fully-primed pumping condition.

The JP 4-47 PT-V booster set has built-in thermal protection, which immediately stops the pump if it overheats. The motor is air cooled and equipped with oversized, sealed, greased-for-life ball bearings to ensure silent operation and minimum service.



Pumped liquid Water
Liquid temperature range 0 .. 40 °C
Selected liquid temperature 20 °C
Density 998.2 kg/m³



Rated flow
3 m³/h
Head max 36.5 m
Primary shaft seal BBVP
Approvals CE,WM,C-TICK
Curve tolerance ISO9906:2012 3B
Adjustable start pressure: Y
Start pressure 1.0 - 5.0 bar
Rated speed 2800 rpm



Pump housing Stainless steel, EN 1.4301, AISI 304
Impeller Composite
Material code A



Minimum ambient temperature 0 °C
Max. ambient 40 °C
Maximum operating pressure PN 6 bar
Pump inlet G1
Pump outlet G1


Electrical data

Power input - P1 850 W
Rated power - P2 0.56 kW
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Rated voltage 1 x 230 V
Rated current 3.18A
Starting current 11.3 A
Rated speed 2800 rpm
Capacitor size - run 12 µF/450 V
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5) IP44
Insulation class (IEC 85) F
Length of cable 1.5 m
Type of cable plug AUS



Grundfos Jet 4-47 PT Pump Brochure Grundfos Jet 4-47 PT Pump Brochure