Onga JS60-PC JS Series Pressure Pump with Presscontrol



Onga JS60-PC JS Series Pressure Pump with Presscontrol
Onga’s jet-assisted The new JS range of household pressure pumps feature a strong stainless steel pump casing with precision moulded jet, venturi and impeller for efficiency and great performance under high suction lift applications.The new Italian made JS series is now mounted on a stable, high quality stainless steel base for protection from corrosion. With 3 models in the range, the JS is also available with a Presscontrol or Pressure Switch and Tank making a perfect household water pressure system.


The JS Series pressure system is ideal for installations with below ground water source, domestic water supply systems with continuous or intermittent duty. It is perfect for small farms, gardening irrigation and for all other general water transfer requirements.


  • Peace of mind reliability – thanks to the robust design
  • Stainless steel casing with excellent corrosion resistance and toughness
  • Self-priming with excellent suction capacity to a maximum depth of 7.6m
  • Robust stainless steel base to lift pump above corrosive water on the ground
  • Italian-made with quality construction
  • Loss of prime protection for JSP models, protects pump from failure
  • Max. head – 44 m
  • Max. flow – 98 lpm



Enclosed fan-cooled motor

• Protection rating IP 44

• Insulation class F

• Singe phase power supply with permanentlyactivated capacitor

• Thermal protection incorporated in motorwinding

• Continuous duty


  • Type of liquid: clean water without suspended bodies or abrasive material that is non-viscous and chemically neutral

• Maximum liquid temperature: 50° C

• Maximum ambient temperature: 40° C

• Maximum suction depth: 7.6m with foot valve

• Maximum operating pressure: 6 Bar


Onga JS60-PC JS Series Pressure Pump with Presscontrol Onga JS60-PC JS Series Pressure Pump with Presscontrol