Wilden P.025 AODD Pump, 6mm Pro-Flo, Clamped Stainless Steel, NPT



Below are two guides to help you with product selection; temperature limits and a chemical guide. For further information please check features and specifications.


Please Note: It is IMPORTANT to also read Section 1 of the applicable Wilden Brochure which explains Pump and Diaphragm temperature limits. This will help you with selecting the correct pump for you application.

Diaphragm Material Temperature Limit
Acetal 29C to 82C
Buna-N 12C to 82C
Geolast 40C to 82C
Neoprene 18C to 93C
Nordel EPDM 51C to 138C
Nylon 18C to 93C
PFA 7C to 107C
Polypropylene 0C to 79C
Polyurethane 12C to 66C
PVDF 12C to 107C
PTFE 4C to 104C
PTFE with EPDM-backed 4C to 137C
PTFE with Neoprene-backed 4C to 93C
Saniflex 29C to 104C
Viton FKM 40C to 177C
Wil-Flex (Santoprene) 40C to 107C


The Wilden chemical resistance guide is compiled from numerous reliable sources and cross-checked; however, it is only intended as an additional source of information.

Diaphragm life not only depends on a diaphragms chemical compatibility with the process fluid but also on the process conditions. These conditions will vary depending on the abrasiveness of your process fluid, temperature, size of diaphragm, pumping media and lift conditions. Consult your authorized Wilden distributor regarding which diaphragm material will work best for your application requirements.


As part of the Wilden Pro-Flo Series of AODD pumps, this pump has been specifically designed to increase productivity while reducing air and energy consumption. It utilizes a clamped-band design for easy assembly and disassembly. Designed for difficult applications, this pump is perfect for dangerous/valuable chemical applications and wastewater applications where flow, efficiency and routine maintenance are required.


Wilden Pump & Engineering LLC has met the criteria for placing the CE mark on our product line. On December 3, 1999, Wilden fully self-certified its product line by meeting all the regulations of the Machinery and PED (Pressure Equipment) Directives. Every pump manufactured by Wilden will now receive the CE mark. Each pump box will also include a Safety Supplement manual in the eleven official languages of the European Community.


Robustness Fitted with robust Pro-Flo ADS
Fast Maintenance Clamped connections for faster maintenance
No Priming Self Priming
Run Dry Dry run without damage
Shearing Shear-sensitive
Longevity Longest Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR)
Temperature Tolerance Superior anti-freezing
Reliability Increased On/Off reliability


Series Pro-Flo
Model P.025
Inlet 6mm (0.25")
Outlet 6mm (0.25")
Air Inlet 6mm (0.25")
Material Stainless Steel
Assembly Clamped
Connection Type NPT
Piston Traditional
Stroke Full Stroke
Max Flow Rate 18.91 lpm (5 gpm)
Wetted Path Material Stainless Steel
Gearing 1:1
Max Air Pressure 125 psi
Max. Solids Passage 0.4mm (1/64")
Weight 4.0 kg (8.9 lb)
Size (HxWxD) 165 x 147 x 114(mm)
Please Note: Specification's are a guild only and may change without notice. Please also read the applicable Wilden Brochure for full specifications. E&OE.


Wilden General Brochure (WIL-18040-C)

Wilden Advanced Brochure (WIL-10010-C)

Wilden P.025 Metal EOM (WIL-10080-E)